Low pressure: who has it, how to raise it?

Low pressure: who has it, how to raise it?

Have you ever had such a thing that you get up from a chair or a bed and suddenly feel that your head hurts? Check your blood pressure. Hypotonia (low blood pressure) mainly affects young people, with women more often than men.

It is possible to speak about low blood pressure when it is 10-20% below the average normal values ​​of 120/80. Low is 100/60 to 100/70 for women and men respectively. It is generally accepted that hypotension is not as dangerous to health as hypertension, i.e. high blood pressure.

Hypotension does not threaten diseases of the cardiovascular system. Low blood pressure causes problems only when it causes a violation of blood supply to certain organs. Then the doctor appoints the appropriate drugs. In most cases, however, it can be maintained without medication, but you need to buy a tonometer http://med-line.com.ua/tonometri/avtomaticheskie-tonometri/ and monitor the pressure.

Extremely low blood pressure in the morning immediately after awakening is not uncommon. Why can not you get up off the bed? Because the blood immediately goes to the legs and the heart, and the brain is not irrigated enough. It is necessary so: woke up, you can lie down for a couple of minutes, sit down slowly, sit for a few seconds. The pressure stabilizes. Open the window and do a 10-minute gymnastics, it will help to normalize blood pressure.

In most cases, people suffering from hypotension can not meet the morning without a cup of coffee, but it can be successfully replaced with rosemary tea. Who likes to experiment, can try Guarana tea, which contains four times more caffeine than coffee. The effect comes from it a little later, but lasts six hours. We recommend a good menu, use in a moderate amount of salt and spicy spices. Well there are also foods rich in potassium, such as bananas and walnuts.

Sometimes the blood pressure drops suddenly during the day. The reason for this can be the usual intake of food and drink in everyday life. In this case, you need to massage several times within 30 seconds of the little finger below the nail and of course, take care of food.

Any kind of sport stimulates blood circulation. Especially recommended are aerobics, tennis, swimming, squash, dancing. Suits and saunas, but they must meet the following conditions: five minutes of sweating, and then plunge into cold water, then 10-15 minutes of rest. Keep in mind that the heat in the sauna lowers blood pressure. And one more thing: hypotension is invariably associated with despondency. Laughter and good mood raise blood pressure.

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