Lose weight without harm to health

Lose weight without harm to health

The fight against excessive weight should be kept constantly. Extra pounds affect the work of the heart. But how to do it correctly, we will consider further.

10 kg per month? It’s very good that you decided to finally take your figure seriously. After all, slender people look and healthier, and younger. But be careful in combating obesity. The organism has got used to work for a long time on its own, special program, and it will not understand your decisive struggle with excess kilograms. Here it is necessary to act gradually, step by step. Having dropped 10 kg per month, you risk acquiring only cardiovascular diseases instead of health.

Scientists have long proven that weight loss per month should not exceed 3 kg, otherwise the body will start to malfunction. With a sharp weight loss, a number of serious problems can arise, such as: skin flabbiness, metabolic disorders, impaired immunity, omission of internal organs and heart problems. In addition, there may be a problem with blood pressure, leading to the appearance of dyspnoea and tachycardia. All the sores come gradually. And the older the age of a losing woman, the more side effects are observed. If at a very young age you can still experiment on your body, then in the mature it is highly not recommended.

Tips for proper weight loss

As much as you do not want to lose weight fast, remember that the daily intake of calories should not be less than 1200. If you consume 700 calories a day, your body will somehow suffer a few days, and then the metabolic processes will start to break: protein deficiency, poor vitamin digestion and Other useful substances. The result of this weight loss is one: an even greater gain in weight. After that, the slimming ladies begin a stressful condition and they become depressed. Those who are fans of weight loss are 2 times more susceptible to different diseases and 5 times increased risk of acquiring diabetes.

For proper weight loss is not a diet, but a special plan that must meet the style and meaning of life. And suddenly you can not stand this or that diet? What if a protein diet does not suit you? And you can stick to the set plan all your life. In this case, you should not forbid yourself the use of your favorite products. Love ice cream – eat health, just do not overdo it. If you do not have time to exercise or just be lazy – replace them with simple walks in the fresh air. They will be much more useful. Thanks to them, you not only lose excess calories, but also strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Remember: that moderate physical activities always bring health and pleasure, and do not lead to izmor. The most effective work on yourself should bring only pleasure.

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