Lose weight? With pleasure!

Lose weight? With pleasure!

Being in good shape is the norm. How to maintain tonus – shaping or tennis, dancing or cycling, Pilates or swimming, rock climbing or yoga – is a matter of taste. Find a section to your liking – not difficult. It is more difficult to survive a verbal skirmish between your laziness and the desire to change something: “I paid the subscription, I have to go.” “You do not have to, you had a difficult day, you are tired and deserved rest.” – “I’ll go to class, I’ll be slim and beautiful.” “One workout will not miss a day!”

If you know such conscience flours, further information is for you. Own mistakes and experience of friends helped me to develop my system of approach to training.

Step 1. Try those activities that interest you. Suddenly, diving, videos or step – this is exactly what you wanted all your life? It is desirable to record the instructor’s explanations, record the exercises and their order.

Stage 2. Choose from what you “tested” on yourself, the kind of sport that delivers you the maximum pleasure. Enroll in classes, like 1-2 months. Option is easier: find exercises on the Internet, if necessary – consult an instructor (to “lose weight” and “pumped” in the right places).

Stage 3. Prepare for self-study. First, – buy the necessary equipment (for example, I bought myself a fitball). The second (and most important) is to make a selection of music for your taste. The main criterion is the desire to sing along and dance to the chosen compositions.

Step 4. Schedule a training program. Exercises should cover different muscle groups, provide for a variety of pace and load.

Stage 5. Lose weight with pleasure. Do better 3-4 times a week. Turn on the music, dance for fun. Execute from the pre-prepared program those exercises, to which today “lies the soul.” Believe me, such lessons will bring not only joy, but also good. It is important to remember that after a workout, you now “love” green tea and fruit.

Ancient philosophers believed: “Sow an act – reap a habit, sow the habit – reap character, sow the character – reap a fate.” The habit is formed within a month. We wish you to last the first month of forming a habit of a healthy lifestyle, and then – to reap the fruits of your labors in the form of excellent health, beautiful form and wonderful mood!

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