Live until Friday: alcohol in a woman’s life

Live until Friday: alcohol in a woman's life

By the end of the week, many people are so tired that they have the idea to relax with the help of alcohol. The so-called weekend alcoholism is already becoming an everyday activity. Many people try on Friday to remove the stress that has accumulated during the week with the help of a glass of an alcoholic beverage. We work to live, or work to drink.

The desire to get drunk and forget occurs in many people regardless of gender. Like men, women try to remove stress with the help of alcohol, which sometimes exceeds the norm. The more active a woman ascends the career ladder, the more often she can afford to skip a piece of cognac in the evenings. About five million people suffer from alcohol dependence.

But besides work, a woman needs to perform many other duties. The modern female person works in equal measure with men, proving the importance of the society, thereby trying to survive in this world. But not every woman can afford to “go into drinking”. In addition, society condemns a drunken woman more than a drunken man. Only loneliness can aggravate the situation. If a woman has succeeded in her personal life, then she is successful, as for men, their yardstick is career.

Hard work, depression, fatigue – all this can lead to the fact that on Friday after a working day a person has one thought – to get drunk. Therefore, to survive until Friday and not get drunk can be very difficult, the main thing is to know the norm. If alcohol will relieve tension and be used in minimal doses, there is nothing wrong with that. But if the desire to get drunk will be visited every day, it is necessary to beat the bells. This suggests that life has ceased to bring joy, and therefore it must be radically changed.

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