Life without sleeping pills or how to overcome insomnia?

Life without sleeping pills or how to overcome insomnia?

Sleep disorder is usually striking when we feel particularly anxious in our lives, but for 10 to 15% of the population bouts of restless nights can drag on months and years. It is understandable that sometimes we are difficult to fall asleep, worrying about such issues as household problems, the economy. Our busy schedule leads to stressful reactions in the body: increased vigilance, increased pulse and respiratory rate, all of which are immersed in insomnia.

Traditional medicine recommends sleeping pills as a solution. It is amazing to think that almost 42 million prescriptions of this drug were sold last year. But their desired result in the short term, they do not treat the root causes of lack of sleep, and instead only temporarily mask the symptoms. Final result? Habit and dependence on these drugs. Along with the psychological factor, there are symptoms of withdrawal: nausea and pain in the head. Moreover, this medicine is not without side effects. It causes a general lack of clarity, confusion, drowsiness and increased oblivion.

But can it be possible to overcome insomnia by softening the tone of our bustling life, feeling pleasantly tired and drowning in sleep? Below you will find the keys to victory over lack of sleep.

Early to bed

Circadian rhythms of our body are very determined by sleep and ascent. Actions outside these normal hours can call for conditions such as malaise, sleepless nights and fatigue. To wake up every morning around 5:00 in the morning (with the sunrise), rested and full of strength, which is right, we naturally violate the natural rhythm, the evening viewing of an interesting transmission. Most scholars agree that sleep should begin at about 10:00 pm to ensure normal rest and a period of wakefulness.

Ritual sleep

Just as our children respond well to the book that is read every night before falling asleep, so should adults. Calms the exhausted nerves with a warm cup of herbal tea, a calm bath. There are enough reasons for this. First of all, you are accustomed to a certain regime, the body with time, learn to feel sleepy, as it should be at the right time.

Write and read if you want to fall asleep faster

Quite often lack of sleep, is caused by thoughts and experiences that walk in your head, and you can not overcome them. To do this, start a diary, and every night before going to sleep, write down and let go of the lived day in the recording. It also helps to calm the mind of viewing an interesting book or magazine. Imagination is absorbed by the read content, calms down and is freed from any worries.

Teas and herbal drinks

They have a relaxing effect on almost all people. In addition, there are many decoctions that have sedative properties. Lavender, valerian, chamomile is especially recommended for soothing and falling asleep. Tyubeteyke and passionflower help to dispel fear; St. John’s wort helps deep sleep. Usually, they do not cause negative side effects of sleeping pills, and do not create the same level of dependence or tolerance.

Physical stress during the day

Regularly exercise the body with physical exercises to improve the quality of sleep. They help relax the muscles, cause a natural sensation of drowsiness. Yoga relaxation covers breathing, visualization and slow, deep stretching movements, which will forever forget about sleepless nights.

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