Let’s celebrate menopause!

Let's celebrate menopause!

Many women experience negative emotions at the first signs of extinction of the childbearing function – menopause. But your view of menopause may not be so gloomy. It is true that the symptoms of menopause can be unpleasant, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s find out what are your reasons for celebrating menopause and all those significant changes that coincide with this stage of your life.

No monthly

Just think – how wonderful it will be – to get rid of this monthly reminder of your femininity. No more worrying about leaks and storing spare pantyhose and hygiene products in each purse, purse, coat. You do not need to be more sensitive to the condition of your body to avoid a sudden onset of bloating, pulling sensation, breakouts, or cramps that accompany your menstrual cycle.

Say goodbye to PMS

Coming from the emotional roller coaster of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) – perhaps the best reason to celebrate menopause. The end of the tears and the emotional ups and downs that come with PMS – everyone will immediately appreciate it! Having gained more control over your emotions, you will immediately begin to feel more confident and in harmony with yourself.

Look at yourself in a new way

When your childbearing age has ended, your view of your body and what it means to be a woman will certainly change. Take this opportunity to focus on what’s important to you. Take more time to take care of yourself and learn to understand your desires and needs in this new chapter of your life.

Catch the moment

When you have reached menopause, it is likely to assume that your children are now adults. Having less time to care for children, you will have more energy that you can spend on your own needs. Strengthen your relationships with your girlfriends, take up a new hobby, go on a trip, or commit yourself to lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise and healthy eating – that’s just not a complete list of your options.

More money in your pocket

Monthly – expensive. All the money that you spent on tampons, pads, contraceptives, painkillers, (not to mention all those sweets that could not be kept from), you can spend on more interesting things. Arrange yourself a monthly holiday – treat yourself to spa treatments, massages, a good dinner, or save on vacation.

Sex without fear

Although your sex drive may decrease, for sure you will breathe freely, having learned that from now on you can enjoy loving pleasures without worrying about unwanted pregnancy. You and your partner will see sexual games in a completely different light.

Sisters of Unhappiness

It’s an amazing feeling – to think that you, like most women of your age, have a common experience: menopause has come to you. Do you feel like you are sisters? Use it to create new connections, or to strengthen the old ones. Trust your girlfriends, and get occasions to laugh, as well as support and advice on overcoming the side effects of menopause.

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