A Fast Preamble:

So what’s this matter?

Tie yourself up in knots like the proverbial rubber-guy or rubber-girl – or is it rubber-individual these days… Anyway, I digress as usual, so back to the subject at hand and eat carrot sticks, celery and lettuce for the remainder of your life while you try and achieve the ideal upside down, knees-in the air, “look-ma-no-hands” place, while you fake you are NOT really incredibly uneasy for hours.

Nicely nah, it is not like that at all.

A fast private ‘rant’ – great quality physical exercise of any sort is vital, not only for the benefit of your physique or your weight care. It is certainly vital for your thoughts well-being also – really, do not tell me you have never heard the good old saying “A Healthy Thoughts Makes For A Healthy Body”, or at least something of that “ilk”. Well if you did not before, you’ve now and it is definitely the spot on truth.

Now, I understand that a heck of a lot of folks would not believe that Yoga would fall under the umbrella of “Self Help” or “Self Improvement” if you like, but those folks actually could not be more inappropriate.

Yoga is really the “all round” entire body and head exercise that can help with all these issues all at once, no matter what your age or your issues.

He was a true “GURU” and a legend of Yoga and spent time training well known characters and even royalty, like: Sachin Tendulkar. One of the best cricketers ever, Yehudi Menuhin. The most renowned Violin musician ever, Madonna… say no more, and of course the Queen of Belgium – the guy was well-beloved and much-honored throughout the world.

All The Various Reasons To Practice Yoga.

Perhaps you need to gain agility, perhaps (like me and lots of others) you need to repair a lower back trouble, perhaps you need to raise your stamina, perhaps you wish to lose weight. Yoga is particularly helpful for weight reduction and weight control perhaps you are interested in being emotionally stronger or perhaps more emotionally relaxed. Perhaps you simply need to feel better about you.

All and any of these matters – and more, are what you are able to reach by practising the gentle art of Yoga, due to the fact that Yoga is a 100% natural strategy for reaching any health target – physical, mental or religious.

Select Your Favourite Spot.

I must confess, I am very much like that all you need is someplace cozy, with enough room, and an adequate novel, DVD or CD where you are able to learn all the correct techniques. There are some really wonderful and affordable learning materials out there that will not cost the world and are well worth the investment if you are serious about taking up Yoga – or any kind of exercise for that matter. Thank goodness for the net.

A Closing Anecdote:

Coupled with a healthful, wholesome diet you only cannot go wrong with this life-lengthening exercise. Only several brief sessions each week will do – it does not have to be every day and it does not have to take up hours of your valuable time. Try it and you will soon feel the benefits.

Here are three excellent quotations from the great, never-to-be-forgotten, BKS Iyengar:

“Yoga teaches us to treat what need not be tolerated and put up with what cannot be treated.”

“Yoga, an early but perfect science, deals with the development of mankind. This development comprises all facets of one’s being, from physical health to self realization. Yoga educates the manners of keeping a balanced approach in daily life and endows ability in the performance of one’s activities.”

“Yoga is a light, which once lit, WOn’t ever dim. The better your practice, the brighter the fire.”

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