Laziness – the engine of centimeters

And how do you get rid of the hated centimeters? Now the entire world wide web is teeming with articles on this topic. What the modern market does not offer for people with excess weight. What tricks you can not go to, that you can eat and not get better. Expensive, and often very harmful tablets. Or discs with twenty-fifth frames, coffee, baths, wraps or even hypnosis.

Of course, if there is demand for it, and of course it is also of some kind! That will be many proposals. This is trying to make thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people. So much energy, yes in the right direction. And how many diets, even think terrible. No, what would sit and think. And then what? After taking pills or diets, will not everything come back, taking with them more body weights?

If you want to look better, younger and slimmer, you must once and for all choose your lifestyle. Or lying on the couch watching TV shows and eating something that is easy to prepare, everywhere is sold, and it smells very tasty and looks. Do not show any activity, forgetting how to walk well, how useful the morning exercises are, or at least ten minutes a day of good training. What is there, we better eat a sandwich, and then these ten minutes we will reproach ourselves for this, and then we’ll eat more. Or we will read some magical diets on the Internet, we will decide that for 9 days, minus 8 kilograms this suits us.

We suffer, we eat some apples and rice, at the same time you suffer not only you, but all those around you, because a hungry person is an evil person. A very hungry, so in general the beast. And yet, with great difficulty staying on the rice and water for a week, hating everything and everything around, you stand on the scales, you see the cherished minus five kilos, and minus a few centimeters in the waist, but for the joy of the strength there is not really left. And you look really worse than before a diet, an earthy complexion, bruises under your eyes, and some kind of general nervousness. And all, the diet is over, you can roll the pasta with pasta, or roll with jam. We are good fellows, we sat on a diet. And a week later, bam! Hello back your five kilos, and thank you, that a couple more friends have taken with them.

If you choose a healthy lifestyle, then the normal figure will come to you. Well, try to accustom yourself to at least 10 minutes of morning exercises. And try to eat a place of pork chicken or lean beef. Pasta substitute for buckwheat, bread for bread. Of course, it’s very difficult to give up sweet stuff, especially if you remember how crazy a sweet tooth is. But try to learn how to eat one or two chocolate candies, not a box at a time. Reduce portions in all, and you will be happy.

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