Is preparation necessary for childbirth?

Among future mothers there is no unequivocal opinion whether it is necessary to go to preparatory courses and somehow prepare for childbirth. Some believe that nature at the right time will show and tell. However, it is difficult for an unprepared organism to cope with labor and birth itself.

Imagine a situation where a person who never took up sports decided to run a marathon distance. It can be assumed that, literally after two kilometers, he will want to leave the race. You can, of course, “pump up” the body with stimulants and make it run. However, the results can be deplorable.

But it is considered perfectly normal, when a woman whose body is not quite ready for the process of producing a baby, stimulates medication in order to help her give birth. Sometimes, such births are safely, provided sufficient reserves of the body. However, not always everything ends so well.

So, childbirth is a serious test! Therefore, you need to prepare for childbirth, which contains the following components:

– Physical training consists of general and special training. General training implies the development of the basic physical qualities of a woman. The more a woman practiced physical exercises, the easier it would be to give birth. However, athletes do not always easily pass through the maternity process, because it is desirable to conduct special training for childbirth to ensure elasticity and plasticity of the ligaments and tissues of the small pelvis, that is, respectively, the cervix and soft tissues. Special physical training includes the development of aerobic endurance;

– psychological preparation, implying the assumption of responsibility for the course of labor, the formation of a positive attitude;

– Technical training includes obtaining knowledge about the technical side of all stages of labor.

Does it all seem too tricky? That’s why special training courses for childbirth have good enough and interesting programs that help to master the necessary skills in an accessible and interesting form.

By the way, in this article you can read what you need to take with you to the hospital. Things also need to be prepared in advance, because no one knows when the baby will want to be born. This can be 36 weeks, and 42, so do not delay everything at the last minute. The husband just will not collect and do not expect.

Can I prepare myself for childbirth on my own?

Everything, in principle, is possible. However, for this you will need more time to search for materials, and the effectiveness will be less than working with the trainer. But, if there is no possibility to attend specialized courses, then, of course, it is worth preparing yourself. The main thing: still get ready!

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