Is it useful to lose weight?

Is it useful to lose weight?

Since the end of the 20th century, a real boom in diet and struggle for harmony began. In America, insurance companies make adjustments to their rates – the one who is fat pays more for the policy, because it has a greater risk of dying. The fashion market refuses to tailor the tailoring, but introduces mass tailoring. All television programs, magazines, newspapers promote weight loss, comparing it with success.

Promoting weight loss is a conspiracy of marketers?

It looks like a conspiracy? True? Today we will talk about whether it is useful to lose weight. Propaganda of weight loss can be called a weapon of mass destruction of society, which instantly gives results that are manifested even now, and even for a long time to make themselves felt – women sit on diets, buy fat-burning tablets, adjust themselves to dresses and dream of having the same parameters as Model. And this brings considerable profits to those conspirators in the food, pharmaceutical, fashion industries.

Every day from blue screens and computer monitors we are told: “A slender and smart body is the key to success, good health and well-being”. Therefore, let’s analyze all this, and finally decide whether it is useful to lose weight.

Are there standard standards for an ideal body?

To better understand this issue, you first need to find out whether there is a single standard, a standard of slenderness and thinness. One answer is NO! All of us are individual, and our bodies are also individual! Who is by nature bony, and who is in the body, and constant propaganda leads people to hysterics and debilitating diets. And diets lead to exhaustion of the body and deterioration of health, especially since once you stop following the diet regime, the weight will be recruited again, and even more.

All those standards are simply invented for marketing moves and sky-high profits. After tablets from excess weight will always find their buyer who will give the last to become “successful” and adjust their lives. This is what fraudsters use that sell ordinary vitamins, and sometimes empty pills as a panacea for weight and a key to a new life.

Overweight or leanness: which is more harmful?

Now we will understand, what is more harmful: leanness or excess weight? More and more doctors are protesting and voicing scary data – those who are constantly on a diet and lose weight, are twice as likely to develop cancer. It has been scientifically proven that the fat supply helps to fight against diseases and infections more effectively. This is confirmed by the fact that many people who suffer from cancer lose weight sharply. Fat cells actively resist cancer. And if the person is thin and he does not have fatty deposits, then the treatment process is harder and will not be so effective.

Well, do you want to lose weight? In general, the standards are constantly changing. Just look at the pictures of Rubens, who do you see there? Slender Barbie? No, how not! And fashion returns, so soon the bones will not be in vogue.

However, losing weight also has its positive aspects. Indeed, really overweight is very harmful. This is not only unaesthetic, but physically difficult. Therefore, the golden rule in this situation: do what you like, live with a weight that is convenient for you, not for marketing companies. Have your point of view and be happy!

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