Is fast weight loss possible without diets?

Is fast weight loss possible without diets?

Few women are happy with their weight: someone seems to be too full of waist, someone with a sigh examines their too large thighs, and someone is generally dissatisfied with the figure. Finding an effective diet for rapid weight loss is concerned if not every girl, then certainly every woman over 30. What is actually a recipe for rapid weight loss?

And the secret is that there is no secret. “How?” – will inevitably be heard exclamation. And like this. In order not to have to urgently lose weight and spend kilometers of nerves and gigabytes of the Internet on the search for an express diet – you just need to follow a few simple rules.

Rules for maintaining the correct weight:

Be sure to drink plenty of water. This is not superstition, it works: if you drink 2 or more liters of water per day, the body will not forcibly keep moisture inside itself. This will leave a few extra pounds of water stored by the body “on a black day”.

Green tea is not only the prevention of cancer. In addition to its saturation with antioxidants, it also has a unique ability to “hasten” the metabolism. It removes toxins and unnecessary substances from the body, the same split fats, which also contributes to weight loss.

Refuse all the flour and roast. Fish – for a couple, meat – stew, buns and cakes are generally better to forget. Craving for sweet can be perfectly beaten with fruits, including candied fruits.

Do not eat at night. Even the fastest and most effective diet will not help you, if at night you surrender and quietly spend the fridge. Do not eat at night – that’s it, and not “do not eat after 6”. If you go to bed at one o’clock in the morning, how can you not eat after six? Ideal is the refusal to eat 4-5 hours before bedtime. If there is still no way to cope with the raging appetite – kefir or apples will become good helpers.

Move, move – life. It can be morning or evening jogs, long walks, sports training at home. Even visiting nightclubs is also a movement, if, of course, you like to dance and are able to give up alcohol, because it does not help to maintain normal weight, and very much the opposite.

If you still gain excess weight and are now suffering the question of finding a diet for rapid weight loss, then try to practice curative fasting. The bottom line is a complete refusal to eat food for 1 day a week. Let this day your body live exclusively on stored fats. Drink on this day you need as much as possible, and you can drink not only water, but also unsweetened green tea (not coffee!), Natural juices (not packaged – they are more harmful than good) and kefir. To arrange such a “hungry” day more often than once a week is undesirable.

You do not need to put yourself on constant starvation – this will only lead to problems with the stomach. Of course, you lose weight, because in addition to oatmeal on the water you will not be able to. But who needs weight loss with such victims? Act wisely, do not make the body to experience stress, and good luck to you in the hard business of losing weight!

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