Irregular menstruation: what does your body try to tell you?

Irregular menstruation: what does your body try to tell you?

Although irregular menstruation generally is not uncommon for most women, it is very important to understand the reasons why this is happening, ie. What your body is trying to tell you. Studies show that almost every woman sometimes encounters irregularly passing menstruation, although, as a rule, this situation is not dangerous, it is important to understand the cause of the disorders, i.e. Uneven time intervals between menstrual bleeding. Gynecologists explain the main common causes of this.


The body of a pregnant woman produces different levels of the hormone, which occurs in connection with the cessation of menstruation. However, in some cases, women experience less bleeding or only some delay in menstruation before they completely stop during pregnancy.


Stress manifestations are a frequent cause of irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Cortisol, the main stress hormone, is directly related to the potential causes of time shifts and irregularities in the frequency, duration and abundance of menstrual bleeding, which is also affected by the amount of estrogen produced in the body with progesterone (2 hormones of the genital). If an excess of cortisol is circulating in the body, all the chances are that you may lose the cycle.


Another very important reason, due to which there is a delay or lack of menstruation, is the food that you consume, and the specific weight of your body. If you usually consume foods rich in carbohydrates, or if you gain weight, respectively, your body will begin to produce different levels of certain hormones that will change with ovulation, which can lead to a delay in the cycle. This is also true for women who have lost weight or are on a diet.

Hormonal tablets

Your body may need a couple of months to get used to the dose of hormones that are injected through the pill. If you use them, then there is a very high probability that you will have irregular monthly.

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