Insomnia during pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy

Women who carry a baby, at different stages of development of the baby, face a problem of sleep. Insomnia is a frequent guest of pregnant women.

During the birth of life, in the first responsible trimester, sleep is disturbed by raging hormones. The body is preparing for combat activities. The periods of sleepiness are followed by periods when “no one sleeps”. In the next trimester, a grown-up kid simply can not let his future mother rest. His movements and pressure on the bladder increase and the time of calm nighttime relaxation is reduced. In the last period, which passes the pregnant women, the volume of the abdomen does not allow to take a comfortable, having a strong sleep pose.

In all stages, in addition to the physical moment, there is tension and stress caused by changes in the body as well as in the external life. Experiences and increasing anxiety for the health of the native child inherently pursue the woman. During sleep, nightmares or bad dreams often come, after such shows wakefulness loses its appeal.

Physical new changes violate even the strongest dream. Pain in the lower part of the body causes discomfort. Violated the work of the stomach, heartburn occurs. Shortness of breath due to pressure on the organs and an ever growing body weight.

Pregnant women are strongly recommended as both primary care, and as a recommendation to prevent the disease, avoid overexertion. Bad dreams should be discussed with family or a psychologist in order to release fear. Pleasant troubles, in the form of training dowry for the baby, will allow the unsteady nerves to get in place. Walking or swimming will distract from unnecessary negative thoughts and make a positive contribution to the health of the unborn child. It is necessary to enter the ritual to a peaceful night. Leave all day work until the next day. A bath of pleasant temperature will relax the muscles. In addition, the water does not feel the weight gain.

In case of painful insomnia or regular manifestations of it, it is worthwhile to consult an observant doctor in a women’s consultation. Soothing herbal infusions will help to fight relapses. The decision to use such drugs and herbs is taken only by a specialist!

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