What can be more natural than the desire to have children? Motherhood is the most beautiful condition of a woman and the guarantee of a happy family life. However, sad statistics suggest that about 10% of young families in Russia face problems when attempting to conceive1. The diagnosis of “infertility” is made after 12 months of a regular sexual life without protection with one partner.

Types of infertility

There are several types of infertility: absolute, in which women have irreversible pathological changes that prevent conception (absence of uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries), and relative – a condition that can be corrected. Also distinguish between primary infertility2, when a woman did not have any pregnancies, and secondary, when pregnancies were already advancing.

Of course, this diagnosis is a trauma for a woman, leading to a disruption in the quality of life. To date, many forms of infertility3 are amenable to correction, for this it is necessary to know the causes that cause infertility.

Causes of infertility

1. One of the most common causes of infertility are hormonal disorders4, manifested by an irregular menstrual cycle.

2. Infections and the inflammatory process of the reproductive system5 often become the cause of not the onset of conception. In time, untreated infections can lead to irreversible changes in organs and tissues, causing uterine tubes obstruction6

3. The first and especially abortion with complications can become the cause of infertility.

4. Anomalies in the development of the genital organs may interfere with pregnancy. They are congenital, or acquired due to the transferred diseases.

5. Age-related changes cause a decrease in the functions of the ovaries, usually that is observed in women aged 37-45 years.

It is believed that stress and a psychological factor (subconscious fear or unwillingness to become pregnant) can also lead to infertility.


What can I do to improve the situation? Of course, consult a doctor. First of all, the doctor will conduct a full examination of your reproductive system, prescribe the appropriate treatment, select the most suitable drugs for you and, if necessary, send for a psychologist’s consultation. The main thing – do not despair, at the present stage of development of medicine, most forms of infertility are treatable, but it is better, if possible, to conduct timely prevention and treatment of all malfunctions in the work of the genital organs.

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