Income and expenses

Income and expenses

Let’s talk about the popular misconception that money is always scarce. It leads to the fact that you have no choice. But there is always a choice, and there are many options, and in most cases you can right now make changes to improve your financial situation.

Here’s what you can do to improve your financial situation:

– Rent an apartment for two (or more) to reduce the fee.

– Get a second job as a waitress, barmaid or nanny.

– Move to another district or city, where the cost of living is lower, and the standard of living is higher.

– Sell a car and ride a bicycle.

– Stop taking a taxi and use public transport.

– Look for a job that may not be as interesting, but better paid.

There are many options. If you analyze your costs and incomes, you will be able to find an opportunity to improve your financial affairs.

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