In time, consult a doctor

In time, consult a doctor

You need to visit a doctor. At least once a year. Even if you do not have obvious health problems, you need to undergo an annual checkup and do a Pap test, which reveals cellular anomalies that can signify cervical cancer. We are used to thinking about doctors as people who we go to when we get sick. But a healthy lifestyle means the prevention of diseases – to undergo regular examinations and not wait until we fall down with the flu or some nasty rash to see a doctor.

There are many reasons why we do not visit the doctor regularly – we forget about it until something goes wrong, we do not have time, or we are afraid that we will find something terrible, and we will have to do something about it. Another great scare away is the lack of health insurance or a doctor’s change. Sometimes we are hampered by a negative experience of dealing with rude, inattentive doctors, or we simply do not know how to find a good doctor.

All these reasons are sufficient to not be in a hurry, but not enough to not go at all. Your health is too important. So let’s find you a good doctor who you really like.

How to find the right doctor?

Now I have a fantastic doctor, but it was not always so. In the first few years after graduating from college, I searched everything around and went to dozens of doctors, but to no one longer than a few times: they were all either too busy, too tactless, or no longer taking out my insurance. Before my first visit to my current doctor, I thought about everything I wanted from the doctor, about everything I liked about the doctors I knew (my child’s doctor had a box of sugar candies), and that to me I did not like it (I’m very demanding, because the list was long). When I sat down in front of my doctor, I was very frank: “I’m 26 years old; I’m tired of jumping from doctor to doctor every time I change jobs. I’m looking for someone who will be my doctor all my life, who will constantly monitor my health, who will give advice and treat me, because he knows me and cares about me. “

I expected that she would laugh and advise me to return to reality, to throw my idealistic ideas about health care in a woven basket for papers. But instead she just nodded cheerfully, said something comforting about how difficult it is to find high-level medical help and by the means that she understands what I’m talking about, and then she took up the list of questions about my habits and the medical record. She was friendly, but professional, she looked into the eyes and made detailed notes. There was not a trace of condemnation or disapproval in her voice and behavior, even when my answers were obviously “wrong.” She spoke a simple scientific language without special terms (for example: “You really need to fasten your seat belt even when you’re driving in the back seat, this is the best way to avoid injury during an accident”) to gently warn me against mistakes. I fell in love.

It turns out that what I’m looking for is – or should be! – the standard for a good therapist, but some doctors are better than others. How can you find someone who is right for you?

First, understand what is important to you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

♦ Do you prefer a doctor to a man or a woman?

♦ Do you have any chronic illness? If yes, then you need a doctor who has experience in this area.

♦ Do you have insurance? If so, you may be approached by a doctor from your health plan. If you find someone you like outside your plan, some medical associations will allow you to visit someone “out of the net” at a higher price.

Which hospital is your doctor assigned to? Many doctors have the privilege of practicing at a particular hospital, and this is exactly the place you will go if you need serious treatment. Make sure that your future doctor is assigned to a good hospital. You can search the information on the Internet. Enter the name of your doctor in the search box and see what information can be obtained.

♦ Do you want to use alternative medicine, such as Chinese, herbal products or acupuncture? Will you like a doctor who combines both traditional and alternative approaches in his practice?

When you understand what you want from a therapist, it’s best to ask friends whom they can advise. If it’s convenient for you, ask the staff, because the doctors they recommend will most likely be part of your health plan. If you are recommended to a doctor who is not part of your plan, still call him and ask if he can recommend someone who is on the plan. If you know a good medical practitioner who is far away (for example, an institute doctor or your mother’s doctor), you can always ask him if he can recommend someone closer to you-maybe his classmate at the institute practices near you.

If you recently moved or switched to another maintenance plan, you’ll have to search. Communicate with those who provide services for your plan, do not rush, and you will find something that suits you.

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