If you are over 40: how to maintain health and beauty?

If you are over 40: how to maintain health and beauty?

So, to you already for 40 – the period when your skin demands constant and especial leaving has approached or suited. Because new cells no longer appear, and the skin loses its elasticity, which leads to the formation of wrinkles. Propensity to them is sometimes hereditary, but largely depends on external factors.

After stepping over forty, start actively using a cream with vitamin A and drink plenty of fluids. During this period, the hair of women behaves simply ugly: the head falls out, and on the upper lip, chin and around the nipples begin to grow actively. This disturbs the balance between estrogens and androgens, produced by the adrenal glands.

At each woman for 40 there are individual processes in an organism: at someone monthly stop completely, someone changes their intensity. The cycle is reduced to 21 days or increases to 35. If excessive bleeding lasts more than 10 days, then you should quickly contact a doctor. It is best to start a diary and record all the changes that occur in the body. Show it to the gynecologist, and it will be easier for you to help.

When the synthesis of estrogen decreases, the thickness of the vaginal wall decreases, the muscle tone around the urethra decreases and urinary incontinence occurs even with such slight effort as sneezing. You can keep muscles in tone, constantly doing Kegel exercise: on a day or ten times to cut (or pull in) the PC muscle, sitting at the desk, preparing dinner or resting at the TV: as if you start urinating and then stop. In this case, it is worth checking the blood sugar level.

Pay attention to food, listen to your body. Most likely, he will whisper to you that he does not want a roll, but a salad of fresh vegetables. More cereals, rice, potatoes, vegetables and fruits, cottage cheese, fish – everything in which there are vitamins C, D, E, A. By the way, yoghurt and yogurt restore acidic balance in the reproductive system, nuts, beans, turnips, cabbage and sea Algae prevent osteoporosis (loss of calcium).

However, after menopause, do not demand the impossible from your body; unlike your soul, according to your passport, it is exactly as much as it is written down. The main thing is to love it and enjoy it. You can reassure yourself, for example, with this thought: it’s somehow embarrassing to be skinny in fifty. And even dangerous for health. The truth is that a couple of extra pounds that contribute to the formation of estrogen, in fat cells – a good defense against osteoporosis.

This dastardly estrogen, the amount of which in the body of a woman inevitably decreases, also affects the amount of calcium absorbed by the bones. They become fragile. Therefore, protect yourself from blows and bruises – especially the hips and wrists. In this case, enter in the diet of food containing calcium, exercise exercises with burdening (small dumbbells). Collect the will into a fist and finally quit smoking: the cigarette suppresses the metabolism and assimilation of vitamins with bones.

So, the average age is the time of life, when you can leave the bored work, even renew the conjugal ties, breaking off the union that weighed you, doing daily physical exercises or simply resting every day, basking in the sun with your favorite cat. The possibilities are great and determined by your desires.

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