If the weight is in place. What to do?

If the weight is in place. What to do?

The problem of stopping weight when losing weight is familiar to many women. To solve it, only a few will turn to dieticians, the rest will cope with the scourge themselves. How? Even more will reduce their diet. And make a mistake, because the body will decide that the hungry times are coming and will start saving NZ for a rainy day. A vicious circle will turn out: food consumption has been reduced to a minimum, and lifebuoys have been left at the waist.

Possible troubles are more serious. Because of the decrease in caloric intake, metabolism will be disturbed and, sadly, health problems will begin.

Experts offer several effective techniques that help overcome weight loss.

First of all, a firm belief that everything will turn out. Such an installation will remove the psychological clamp, and soon the result will necessarily appear.

Stop frightening the body – forget about the hunger strike. Remember that food: first, – it is necessary, secondly, – it speeds up the metabolism. All nutritionists say: the optimal frequency of food intake is 4-5 times.

Start full breakfast. If you were satisfied with a cup of coffee before, then replace it with porridge or smoothies. Thus start the process of metabolism.

Went to fitness (dancing, aerobics)? Perfectly! Continue, do not stop. Increase the load or diversify it: for example, ride a bicycle, swim. By the way, a great effect is given by exercises with weights. Muscles grow, calories are burned, weight quickly goes away.

Sign up for a massage. It will improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.

Do not forget about water procedures. More precisely, about a bath, a sauna, a contrasting soul – that is more like. Any bath well opens the pores of the skin, and, therefore, toxins are quickly released. If there are no contraindications, try taking hot baths. Long lie is not necessary – 5-10 minutes. For the best effect, add essential oils.

Drink more water! It is vital, since its part in the human body is 70%. Water is involved in the metabolism, and most importantly – dulls the appetite. Do not get carried away by drinks: coffee, tea, kvass do not fit. Use pure water, non-carbonated, without all kinds of additives.

Adjust the sleep. Exhausted by lack of sleep, the body restores its reserves by holding or weight gain. In order to qualitatively release hormones, fall asleep at one time.

Walk more often: vitamin D is necessary for regulating fat balance only in fresh air.

As you can see, there is nothing supernatural. It is enough to correct sleep, diet and exercise. And the problem, why the weight does not go away, will be solved. He will certainly begin to decrease.

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