I give birth to myself

I give birth to myself

Fifty years ago it was impossible to imagine a lonely woman “giving birth to herself”. Whether such words were not, whether such a situation could not be imagined. If you delve into the ranks of the great Russian language, you can choose a synonym for “walking up”, “brought in the hem”.

But the essence of progress is that everything flows, everything changes. So morality has changed. Or the society finally allowed a woman who never connected herself with the bonds of marriage, to feel all the charm of motherhood and stopped throwing stones to where the conscious motherhood, where the child becomes the meaning.

A century ago, a woman hid her lonely existence in a monastery, in prayer houses, in the house of aging parents. She brought up nephews, then grandchildren and was that old maid who did not honor the family.

Now, when a woman in principle is not in a hurry to get married, and wants to get an education, to make a career, runs the risk of missing the period when the last man who meets her ideal requirements as the father of her children disappears. Experience is doing its worst and narrowing the scope of potential candidates. Do not have time to look back, and you are already 35, at best. The family shouted out loud: “You will be alone!”. Doctors, as if having conspired with relatives, shout: “You are old-blooded!”

And she went to the stage that the ambitions are satisfied or the locks in the pink flower collapsed, she no longer wants to listen to the children of her friends. She decides to become a mother. In order not to shock parents whose moral principles, although they departed from the monastery, but are still afraid, “what people will say”, she herself decides for herself the problem of paternity.

A modern woman has a choice, and that she is happy: a short affair or catalog in the medical center of obstetrics and gynecology.

All fears decrease, and eventually they will be forgotten. Their place will be taken care of the baby, waiting for the first step, the first word, the first mark. A modern woman is not afraid that the child will ask where his father is. To help come the same pilots – testers, sailors – submariners, astronauts.

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