I am 85 and I read without glasses

I am 85 and I read without glasses

Recently I read a conversation with Professor Vladimir Georgievich Zhdanov: “Is it bad with vision? Take off your glasses! “. It turns out that following this kind of recommendation, you can help your eyesight and stop wearing glasses. And I am a living confirmation of this.

Vision at me to fall became for a long time, even before pension, during my work in a drugstore, somewhere in 1972-1973. I have a long experience of pharmacy – 53 years, 37 of them are specialties, and the rest are “night directors”, that is, a watchman. And I finished my labor activity in 2000 at the age of 72 years. And I began wearing glasses (or rather, wearing) glasses earlier. When reading, writing and sewing, she put on glasses at +4.5 diopters, and when watching TV programs glasses are weaker – by 1.5 diopters.

In 2003, I read about the 80-year-old Maria Sinitsina from Sarov. She described in detail how, in a short time, thanks to the treatment scheme she compiled on scientific sources, she managed to regain her sight.

I decided to follow the example of this woman, use her scheme. Carried out scrupulously all the regulations up to the psychological mood and the text of autosuggestion. I took some elements of the vision return from other books on the same topic.

Why do I write all this? But for what: if you have patience and have faith in enlightenment – it will certainly happen! I had such a faith, but I was 75 years old in 2003. At present, I’m 86, but I do everything without glasses: I read, write, knit and crochet, sew. I do not sit around without reading, I like to read. I have a lot of books, as I was collecting my library from a young age. I’m fond of crossword puzzles, scanwords, I’m not complaining about memory.

I returned my vision, but the cataract that I showed up in 2004, I do not hurry to leave the occupied places. Light haze prevents me from clearly seeing into the distance. But I’m not giving up.

In 2010, I read Vladimir Karpinsky’s publication “Yoga for the Eyes”, where exercises for improving vision were given. They know me. At one time, I took them into service. Similar exercises, but slightly in a different sequence, developed by the American ophthalmologist Bates, is exactly recommended by Professor VG. Zhdanov.

I took some exercises from the book of Professor O.P. Pankov “How to restore vision and leave glasses for 30 days,” where it was suggested every morning to write down the letters of the alphabet with a glance at the ceiling. This exercise is carried out until now. It was also recommended in the morning to wash the eyes with infusion of herbs – cornflower, marigold, chamomile, alternating them. You can use a weak infusion of tea.

After reading the conversation with V.G. Zhdanov returned to gymnastics in Bates. Three times a day before meals I do exercises for the eyes. Already tune in to positive results.

In the mornings, I always do general gymnastics with a spinal cord stretching (pulling my hands up as high as possible with body twists), with mahas of hands, legs, half-squats. I can not squat deeply because of varicose veins, “walking” on the buttocks is mandatory for me, as well as turns of the neck and head. And every morning, still lying in bed, massage the biologically active points on the face. This massage I do or makes years 15, at me therefore always the nose breathes freely.

To curb the growth of cataracts I also use eye drops (quinaks, otan-katakhrom, taufon), alternate them. In his interview, V.G. Zhdanov argues that with the help of gymnastics you can defeat cataracts. I will try not to be lazy.

It’s possible that I wrote so much and did not write very well, but I so want someone else to get rid of glasses, because these are really fetters for the eyes!

I, the former city dweller, have been living with my son in the village for 2.5 years, which I do not regret at all. I have no nostalgia for the city, it is 45 km from us. Serving myself, I’m cleaning myself in the room myself. I have a plot of land in 10-15 steps, where medicinal herbs grow, and in general there are more than two dozen different species in our meadow area. I gather and dry, of course, not all – only those that I need. That’s how I live, not noticing my age.

I wish you good health and good vision!

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