Hypoplasia of the uterus.

Hypoplasia of the uterus.

It turns out that not only the person himself, but also his organs can lag behind in development. For example, uterine hypoplasia. A terrible name, is not it? And it means quite a serious pathology, consisting in underdevelopment of the uterus, so that it becomes more difficult to become pregnant with the years.

The main signs of the disease are the absence of sexual signs and menstruation in adolescence (from 15 years and above). In addition, the hypoplasia of the uterus body may well be congenital.

The reasons for such a complex disease can be completely different: for example, nervous overload and overload in school, debilitating diets, and frequent infections such as ARVI and tonsillitis. Various narcotic substances have no less effect on the growing and still fragile organism.

Treatment of hypoplasia is a rather complex and lengthy process, but the results are unpredictable. In total there are 4 degrees or categories of the development of the disease. At the fourth, in fact, you can put a cross on the offspring, and pregnancy, if it suddenly happens, will become dangerous for the fetus, as well as for the mother herself. The third is determined by ultrasound. Next come 2 degrees of a lighter character.

Hypoplasia of the uterus of the second degree is called infantile or infantile. Due to the presence of smaller differences from normal sizes, the chances of becoming pregnant and bearing a healthy child are several times higher. Hypoplasia of the uterus 1 degree, which is the easiest, is called adolescent or hypoplastic. The length of the uterus varies from 5.5 cm to 7 cm at a ratio of 1: 3.

Certainly, a competent doctor, after conducting a survey, will tell you how to treat this ailment, but be prepared to face some inevitable difficulties: full infertility, difficulties with conception, toxicosis during gestation, ectopic pregnancy (due to tubal pathology), constant threats of miscarriage, weak labor activity. It is also worth noting that the disease can lead to the fact that the uterus will not open completely, and problems with pelvic bones can prevent natural childbirth. Manifestations of 1 and 2 degrees of hypoplasia are reversible, this is worth knowing.

As already mentioned above, the further development of all events depends on the degree of the disease. If the uterus lags behind in development for a couple of centimeters, then we can talk about a favorable outcome without the use of drug therapy.

With age, the hormonal background in girls can be restored, but all the same it is recommended not to forget about the inclinations of your body and for the prevention of hypoplasia treatment even by folk remedies – for example, mud cure, normalization of nutrition, calming herbal preparations. However, often, they do not help, and then you have to switch to hormonal drugs, while combining their reception with physio procedures – exercise therapy, laser procedures, warming up, gynecological massage.

If the signs of the disease become more pronounced, then you need to immediately consult a doctor, otherwise it will turn out so that later it will be too late.

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