Hypodynamia: the more it threatens and how to deal with it

Hypodynamia: the more it threatens and how to deal with it

A sedentary lifestyle significantly reduces its duration. And no miracles of medicine will help, if you spend 10-12 hours at a computer, do not breathe fresh air and eat dry. You should know if you have physical inactivity, what it threatens and how to fight it. Otherwise, you risk after 30 years to become a ruin with a limited ability to move.

The most common disease of civilization – hypodynamia, is due to the presence of the machine in almost every family, home work, the development of the Internet and freelance professions. As a result, a person makes less and less effort to not only earn, but even do something about the house. Such a way of life is fraught with strokes, because with immobility the vessels lose tonus, obesity, because The metabolism slows down, the splitting of fats is observed, blood circulation and oxygen exchange in tissues are disrupted. If you do not take timely measures, you can sit down to atherosclerosis and partial paralysis, especially if you smoke.

The only method of treating hypodynamia is a mobile way of life. It’s not even about hours of hours in the gym, daily jogging or serious sports. Start with at least two-three-hour charging, which must be done every day for 10-15 minutes. Really during the work day you will not find half an hour for your health?

Periodically get up from behind the computer, stretch, twirl your neck, swing your hands, side slopes, squat. It’s hard to believe, but even such primitive exercises relieve tension, improve concentration and significantly reduce the risk of obesity and stroke.

In addition to daily gymnastics, it is necessary to give up harmful habits such as cigarettes and alcohol. Do you feel like having smoked another cigarette during the working day or after drinking a couple of glasses of beer after work with your friends, do you relax? False sensation – every puff and a sip of alcohol provokes a vasospasm, which is a brick in the foundation of atherosclerosis.

And, of course, to increase the payload on the body, it is necessary to abandon many of the benefits of civilization. Elevator? In no case! Rise and get down on foot, even in breaks, even if you are late. Do not think that you are wasting precious minutes for nothing – you care about your health in passing.

Also revise the attitude towards the car, preferring walking tours, or sign up for a dance or yoga section that you can attend after work.

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