Husband and Pregnancy – Learning to Be Friends

Husband and Pregnancy - Learning to Be Friends

It would seem that such a wonderful event – the family will soon be replenished. But it was not there. Relationships in the family suddenly begin to degenerate. The combination of husband and pregnancy is quite strange. And in this difficult time for the family it is necessary to stop and think what each of the spouses can do to strengthen and maintain family relations.

That the husband and pregnancy could make friends we offer such advice or councils for the head of family:

1.It is important to understand that the behavior of a woman is under the influence of hormonal changes. Hence it follows that not every wife’s behavior is dictated by her desire, sometimes she just loses control over her emotions. Therefore, do not take all of her actions at face value.

2. The weak half of humanity in these 9 months really becomes weak. Increased fatigue and stress lead to the fact that many things simply do not have the strength. Therefore, part of the household duties simply need to take on a strong half.

3. Many pregnant women tend to the appearance of indifference to everything. They can lie down and look at the ceiling. If you notice this, then just be patient. So the body tries to protect the growing fruit from overloads.

4. During this period the spouse can become very vulnerable and whiny. Be careful in words. Show more warmth and affection. A compliment should be carefully thought out and emphasize how you like the wife in her interesting position.

5. It’s not always the husband remembers that he will soon have a baby, but his wife remembers this constantly, because changes within her are also ongoing. The wife worries and worries more, and it is very important for her that her native person shared with her these experiences. It is advisable to walk together on ultrasound, on preparation courses for childbirth, prepare the necessary things, choose a stroller on the site, be interested in how the crumb develops, talk to him, stroking his tummy.

6. Understand that the sexual appetites of a spouse can sharply go to recession due to increased fatigue, fears and due to the fact that she can consider herself ugly in such a situation.

In general, attention and again – attention.

But the woman also needs to understand that the husband and the pregnancy are something unusual. Therefore:

1. Plunging into the cares of the future baby and experiencing new sensations, the wife should remember that the head of the family needs the same attention that he still works and wants to continue to share his thoughts about work.

2. A spouse does not feel so obviously that he will have a child. He tells about it only the growing belly of his second half. Do not ask him for an understanding that he can not have. If you want something or need something, it is better to say, and not wait for the spouse to guess about it. And if you do not guess, then … insult for life.

3. The spouse still needs sexual contact. Therefore, if you have any experiences, it is better to discuss them and come to a mutual decision.

4. Husband and pregnancy do not often collide with each other. Therefore, feeling that something will change, men try to earn more by caring for the family. And, therefore, more tired. At this time they also need attention and want to know how important to you.

In general, the husband and pregnancy – it’s not easy. But after experiencing this moment, your family will become even stronger. The main thing is that all this time you aspire to understand the different position of each other. Also remembered, that it is more important to give, instead of to receive.

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