How true is the pregnancy test before the delay?

How true is the pregnancy test before the delay?

As you know, to do a pregnancy test before the delay does not make much sense, if only because the result will not be much more reliable than the people’s signs. But sometimes it happens that it is just necessary to determine as soon as possible, whether there is pregnancy or not. In such cases, the pregnancy test before the delay also gives some certainty.

Most modern pregnancy tests are fairly reliable in at least one – if the test showed a positive result, then pregnancy is definitely there. But if negative – it’s not a fact that in the near future you will not have to choose a wheelchair.

And why this happens, let’s see in more detail. The principle of operation of any modern test is based on its chemical reaction to the presence in the human body of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). On the part of the test, special antibodies are applied which, when reacted with this hormone, give color, that very famous second strip. However, manufacturers recommend doing exactly in the first days of the delay of critical days a pregnancy test, before the delay is unlikely a true result. After all, the desired hormone accumulates gradually, and from fertilization to the attachment of the fetal egg in the uterine cavity can pass a fairly large amount of time. It is worth noting that the most highly sensitive tests can show the presence of pregnancy on the 7-10th day after conception.

Many believe that nausea and tenderness of the mammary glands are the true signs of pregnancy, but this is not always the case. To date, the most reliable sign of pregnancy at the earliest date is a blood test for beta-hCG particles. In the blood, the hormone appears earlier and it is easier to detect it, and the probability of a mistake is virtually eliminated. This analysis is now done very quickly and practically in any medical institution literally in one day. So if the issue of having a pregnancy is so urgent and important, I would recommend to apply to this kind of pregnancy test before the delay.

In any case, if you are going to save a pregnancy and just wait with great anticipation for your baby – take your time, relax better and enjoy life, let everything go on as usual.

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