How to win the heart of a man: women’s tricks and practical advice

How to win the heart of a man: women's tricks and practical advice

Finding the key to the heart of a man is also not easy, as well as winning the location of a beauty. How will they like each other, how to attract attention, “hook” and not miss that very person. These issues torment both men and women, although representatives of the stronger sex and assure each other that they do not think about such trifles.

Some women have long noticed an interesting feature: the needs of men are constantly changing, and sometimes just upside down. If at the beginning of the relationship he admired the modesty and compliance of the partner, then after a while he simply annoys such behavior, he gently begs to become uninhibited, a bit stiffer and more demanding. At some young ladies it turns out, others, whether not understanding hints, whether from a principle not wishing to change themselves, start to take offense. What to do? How to understand what is going on in the mind of men, and what actions need to be taken to become a favorite? We will try to understand, analyzing the usual stories from life.

Women who have success with the stronger sex unanimously say that one must be able to play and forget that love is a high relationship that is built on their own, when suitable people meet. If you sit by the window, wrapped up in a shawl and look at the street, most likely the beautiful prince will not notice you.

One of the most important rules says if you like a person, but you are afraid to admit it to him or at least hint, he will never know about you. You do not have to sit at home and for a million times to sort out the words that he once told you, appreciate and love yourself. In no case do not worry and do not blame yourself, no matter what you do. If your uncertainty is under the ground, just part with what you are burdensome. Excess weight? Quickly pull yourself together, sign up for the gym, do not delay and do not start the body, because every extra kilogram gained quickly does not disappear. Do you think that you met someone who is much smarter and more educated than you? This is an excellent opportunity to start reading books and get, for example, a second higher education. Even if you do not get a novel, the experience and knowledge gained will be useful in life, undoubtedly.

When the case comes smoothly to the first date, try not to recall the advice of girlfriends from grade 9. Late is not good, it will show your new acquaintance that you are a non-punctual person, and therefore unorganized and unreliable. How can you trust your heart and soul, if you do not even know how to handle the clock. However, after the first evening, do not turn into a stupid girl. You are an adult, a man, if he promised, he will call, hypnotize the phone all day – stupidity. Remember that you have a voice and in a pair your opinion is as important as the opinion of a partner, so do not settle for something that does not suit you. If you absolutely do not want to go for a walk in a minus 20 degrees, tell the man about it. Do not think that he will be offended, he knows practically nothing about you and worries no less.

Getting close to the most burning question – appearance and figure, it is worth saying that men can not love your flat belly or their long legs separately, they evaluate you all, so learn to live in harmony with the body, and hide the problem places with the help of cosmetics and clothing. By the way, do not forget that most of the male representatives do not share the infatuation of girls with long nails, false eyelashes and hair. They need a living woman, not an artificial doll, even if she has a small tummy.

New love is not a reason to forget about your hobbies and friends. On the contrary, try to learn something new every day and do not refuse to meet interesting people. A person can be compared to a computer, if there is nothing interesting in it, it becomes one of a million, but if there are interesting “files” in such a computer, they want to look.

After you learn a little more about each other, you can draw intermediate conclusions. Can this new person become your companion, are you comfortable with yourself, what do you want from a relationship, how he looks at you and your life, whether he wants to support. If you feel that a man likes you physically, but because of him you are experiencing some difficulties, you simply have nothing to talk about – this is not your option. Silence can play a cruel joke, you will become attached to each other, and you will have a feeling of guilt at the thought of parting, which simply should not be in the lives of lovers.

One of the most important stages in the beginning of any relationship is acquaintance. It is with him that the story of two people begins. The myth that a girl should be silent and modest remains a myth, in our time, when women have already proved their right to equal wages and position with men, it is foolish to stand aside and throw languid looks at the gentleman, in the hope that he will come up First. Among other girls, there is a risk to remain simply unnoticed. The best advice for those who do not know how to win the heart of a man is to be natural. You do not need to invent stunning numbers like an accidentally overturned cup of coffee, just go to the person and start a conversation. From the first minutes it will be clear whether to continue acquaintance.

On the first date, try not to frighten and not push the partner, because in the pursuit of the male heart, girls can change radically. Do not sow a new friend with questions, but do not be silent. Start a conversation on neutral topics, go to hobbies and the latest news. Everyone likes to listen to music, read books, watch movies, why do not you start a conversation with this, at the same time you can easily find out the person’s preferences and compare them with yours. Very shy girls can be advised to perform every weekend a simple task: in a crowded place to meet at least two people. After a month of practice, you will laugh with a laugh at your fear of coming up and ask the man a name.

As soon as acquaintance grows into something more than pleasant communication, it is important to hook the partner and, if possible, make sure that your feelings are mutual. From the very beginning it is possible to set the conditions: to tell each other everything without concealment or to limit certain topics. For some men, talking about ex-girlfriends becomes a test, and young ladies begin to get nervous and “wind up.” You can also not at first affect the topic of earnings and work, but sooner or later the couple will have to think about money, this must be taken into account.

Another erroneous opinion – men love women modest, without demands and claims. Just imagine, a woman does everything: loves, looks good, obeys, fulfills wishes, and in return only asks you to be there. A beautiful fairy tale, but not for our life. Men like living people who can show character, argue, shout, hug, cry, only such girls will be able to really seriously and for a long time win the heart of a man and be happy with him always. Feelings and emotions – this is normal, only a real woman can ask about what she needs, while looking absolutely natural, without starting to apologize and fawn. Every man is ready to make gifts to a woman he loves, because he knows that she wants to please him, to make him happy.

Try not to discuss personal life with your friends, and if you do this, then do not talk about the misses of a loved one. Word by word, you can give out valuable information, which at the most unexpected moment will be used against you. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and people like to discuss others, envy and sometimes do meanness. Talk about your beloved only good, then heard from the side the opinion of him can only please.

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