How to urgently lose a couple of kilograms?

How to urgently lose a couple of kilograms?

There are situations when we desperately need to look stunning in just a couple of days. And the favorite dress does not fasten, because somehow appeared a few extra pounds. How to get rid of hated fat in a few days and is it even possible?

There is such a joke: if a woman immediately rides on a diet, then in an hour she has a flight to the resort. In addition to fear of undressing on the beach, there are many other situations when it is vital to lose weight urgently. A wedding, a meeting of graduates, a date with the love of all life, and then hangs, sticks out, protrudes. Balanced nutrition and sport in this case will be ineffective. Only the express diet will come to the rescue.

Traditionally, it is necessary to exclude sweet, salted, fried, fatty and make friends with vegetables, porridges on water, unsweetened fruits in these couple of days. You can pamper yourself with boiled meat or fish. But the main condition – all this should be without salt.

Popular among those wishing to quickly say goodbye to excess fatty luggage are various mono diets. The essence is clear: in a few days, use only one product. For example, buckwheat, kefir, apples. But you will agree that it is boring and rather tedious. It may happen that you will have a strong aversion to the product you are using. It is better to choose for yourself an express diet consisting of a variety of tasty, but low-calorie usefulness.

According to reports of women losing weight in emergency conditions, for 3 days you can lose about 3 kilograms. Probably, 4-5 kg. And, the more you have accumulated over the years of gluttony superfluous, the faster will melt kilograms. It should be noted that this method of weight loss is not useful for your body. It is rarely used and only in case of emergency. In addition, the weight then quickly return to the previous indicators, because basically you lose the fluid and the contents of the intestine. The fat will burn very little. For effective weight loss with a lasting result without a change in lifestyle, rational nutrition and regular physical activity still can not do.

The advantage of your hard method of getting rid of weight can be that you are proud to wear an outfit that three days ago popped at your seams. Perhaps you will feel light in the body and be able to put on shoes that have become tight because of the accumulated fluid in the body. But along with the water will leave and useful substances necessary for the beauty of your skin, the shine of the hair, the strength of the nails. To avoid this, it is necessary to take a good vitamin complex these days. Drink clean plain water. It is possible with the addition of a slice of lemon. It is very useful to drink plain water on an empty stomach in the morning. It is very important not to attack food after the end of your anguish, but to enter your usual diet gradually.

Strong to you health, self-confidence, common sense and successful weight loss.

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