How to tidy yourself up after giving birth

How to tidy yourself up after giving birth

In the first days after birth, a woman experiences great happiness. She devotes all the time to her baby. But gradually, fatigue accumulates. There are women who do not complain about their health, they do not change after birth. And the help of relatives is of great importance. But most women after childbirth complain of health. Lack of sleep, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle negatively affect both mood and appearance.

It’s no secret that after birth the woman’s figure changes, there is excess weight, stretch marks, cellulite and so on. Hormonal changes in the body of a woman also lead to a change in mood, reflected in the figure. Reflection in the mirror does not please the young mother. This condition can lead to depression.

What should a young mother do?

• Do not get upset. Get yourself in hand. To love yourself. You are beautiful. You have recently given birth to a beautiful baby. This is a great happiness! It is necessary to think what is the cause of your bad mood. It can be lack of sleep or excess weight. So, it’s time to eliminate the reasons. Set a goal.

• Start a diary. Record the initial data in it: weight, breast size, waist and hips. Make a plan to realize your goal. If you are reading this article, then you have already found time for yourself. Immediately after birth, doctors prohibit heavy physical activity. Therefore, the gym should be postponed for several months. At home, you can puff up a press, clean your stomach. A set of exercises for 15 minutes a day will be enough.

• It is important to get enough sleep. Let your relatives help you. Talk to your husband about your problem, do not close up. Let some of the worries lie on his shoulders. Then you will have time to rest.

• You need to walk more outdoors. The bigger, the better. This is useful not only for you, but also for your baby. Walking with a stroller will help you lose weight and lift your spirits. In addition, you can find friends with children, share impressions, get new information and so on.

• The morning should start with a shower. Do not forget about skin care. Your baby should always see his mother beautiful. Therefore, easy make-up you will not hurt, except that your husband will be pleased to see you always well-groomed and attractive.

• Review food. Let the table have sour-milk products, meat, fish, liver, vegetables and fruits. Everything should be in moderation. If you are breastfeeding, the food should be especially gentle and proper. What you eat can affect a child in the form of allergies, colic and so on.

• Refresh the wardrobe. Throw old gowns and stretched t-shirts. You love yourself and do not allow yourself, even at home, to wear ugly clothes. Take time, leave the baby for a couple of hours with a grandmother or dad and go to the store, please yourself with shopping.

• Do not ignore the husband. Many mothers refuse intimate life. It is not right. If there were no difficult births, then 2-3 months after delivery, doctors are allowed to return to sexual life. Some women complain that they have lost all attraction. Let not immediately, but still the sensitivity will return and there will be a desire.

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