How to survive the female crisis 30 years?

How to survive the female crisis 30 years?

At different stages of life, a woman faces psychological crises. One of these difficult periods overtakes it by about 30 years. It is important to take the crisis of 30 years as a stepping stone to growth, rather than something negative. This is the best time when you can take a critical look at your life and make it a “spring cleaning”. In this article you will find tips that will help not only survive this stage, but also get out of it Winner!

Analyze your life.

More often than not, with a crisis of 30 years, those women, in the life of which there are many things that do not suit them, are confronted. This is a time of severe disappointment and a fall of illusions. At 18, you dreamed of one thing, and hoped to do this by the age of 30, but in the end you have something completely different. It is important to find time to sit alone and analyze your life. Find and write down those moments that you do not like. Write out everything on paper, even if it seems to you that this can not be changed.

Analyze your desires.

Try to determine what you really want from your life. What are your desires? Think carefully about this question, but do not let your emotions dictate to you what you want. Our emotions are temporary, but real desires are permanent. Therefore, write down your desires, and give yourself some time to verify them – some of them will go away when emotions pass.

Take care of your appearance.

Very often the 30-year crisis is associated with the appearance of the first signs of aging. Alas, time is inexorable. But, the first sits and small wrinkles, does not mean that you have become ugly. It’s just a push to make even more of your health and beauty. Determine the time for sports and do not miss training. At least 1-2 times a month, let yourself have procedures in the salon. Do not be stingy and buy yourself a few new superfashionable outfits. This will raise your self-esteem. Showing love and care to yourself, you will see that you are worthy of it and will understand that everything is in order with your appearance. Beauty is not in youth, but in the ability to maintain attractiveness at any age.

Take care of your inner world.

Start developing your talents, working on your own merits. There is no point in focusing on failures and mistakes, when you have a lot of opportunities to change it. Start reading books that can deepen your consciousness, expand the boundaries of life.

Talk to your partner.

As a rule, a crisis of 30 years accompanies problems in relations with a beloved man. It is very important to remember in these moments that men are completely different, so it’s worth it to find the strength and explain to the partner what you are going through right now. A loving man will understand you and provide support, and this can be a decisive factor in the way out of the crisis.

Do not forget to live!

Thirty-year-old women, in their majority, are either immersed in their work, or give themselves to their families and children without a trace. These are extremes that only exacerbate the crisis. A woman is sacrificial by nature, but you need to find a “golden mean” in this matter. Try not only to give your time, energy, love to others, but also to take from life all that it gives in return. Live and enjoy every moment!

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