How to strengthen your health in summer: 7 tips

How to strengthen your health in summer: 7 tips

In the summer you can not only relax, gain strength, but also to restore your health. And to restore in such a way that it lasted until next summer.

So, what should you do in the summer:

1. It is more often to relax. During the holidays it is useful to abandon the daily routine. It will be most effective to trust your natural biorhythm and spend your vacation time in accordance with it, and not in accordance with the working schedule. Thankful organism will say thank you.

2. Walk more. Walking is equally useful to everyone. The most useful walking is with alternating acceleration and deceleration of the rhythm. And if you take medication, then a leisurely walk after taking them promotes better assimilation of medicines. Subsequently, the volume of medications taken can be significantly reduced.

3. Tempering. The most effective and affordable way for beginners to harden is the contrasting douche. Here the main principle is gradualness.

4. Forget about the computer. If possible, on vacation, you should use the computer as little as possible, let alone work with it. Summer is a great opportunity to rest your eyes and restore slightly sagging vision. The best way to do this is to visit nature more. After all, natural colors have a beneficial effect on vision and restore it gently.

5. Relax on the sea. In our time, we are surrounded on all sides by different techniques and household appliances. All these devices that are useful for life release negative ions into the air – and they charge us with you, which harms your health. But the sea is capable of generating its own waves of positive ions, which neutralize the action of harmful, negative. As a result, we “recharge”

There, on the sea coast, it’s good to do thalassotherapy. Wander along the shore ankle deep in the water, for example. It will also help the body walk on pebbles – pebbles. This is an excellent massage for tired feet.

6. Sway in a hammock or chaise longue. Exhausted for the winter backbone in the summer should be rest. Ideally, a slow swaying in a hammock or in a deck chair will do. Adjusts to a meditative mood, relaxes, soothes.

7. Adjust the process of digestion. Since in winter we eat more fatty and hot food, not disdaining at the same time fast food and half-finished products, then in summer, when fruits and vegetables ripen, you can eat them. This and the figure in the best way reflected and the work of the intestines will adjust.

We all wish a wonderful summer holiday. And do not forget to pay attention to your body, which in return will serve you faithfully in the period of autumn and winter colds and easily endure long hours in the office chair by the monitor.

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