How to strengthen and restore vision with a slight decrease

The modern world dictates to us its rules of survival in society. And often, our way of life leaves an imprint on the eyesight. A slight decrease indicates that it’s time to reflect on our behavior and take care of our health. How to restore vision?

Attention to the liver

One of the many problems of vision loss can be identified problems with the liver. That is, having revised the diet and cleansing the liver, vision will come back to normal.

First of all, you need to pay attention to nutrition, and adjust your diet. It should include vegetables and cereals. It is important to remove from the menu fatty and smoked products.

When the organism is filled with helminths, it can respond with a special predilection for sweet foods and confectionery baking. A simple but effective way will help to adjust the work of internal organs and positively affect the vigilance.

Rating of products that improve vision

1. Carrot is located on the first place ranking. Thanks to the vitamin A contained in it, in combination with vegetable oil, the eyes receive regular replenishment. Therefore, tired or felt in the eyes, you can lean on grated carrots, dressed with sour cream or vegetable oil.

2. Scientists prescribe blueberries are not any sort of role in human nutrition. Especially it positively affects the eyesight. People whose work is associated with a constant eye strain, as well as to improve blood circulation in the retina, this product is recommended.

3. In spring, the most common product can be considered green. It is important to include in the diet in almost all dishes. The microelements and vitamins present in the herbs help the body cope with eye fatigue.

4. For normal operation of the retina, vitamin C is needed, which is abundant in citrus.

5. It is in the sea fish contain irreplaceable components that contribute to nourishing the eye muscle. Because, at least once a week, you should be pampered with baked sea fish.

To save sight, it is important in sunny weather to wear quality sunglasses, which can be bought at If you do not, then you will not only earn new wrinkles, but also your vision problems.

It is also important to do preventive exercises for the eyes. It is advisable to do them every day, even if your vision is normal and necessary for those who have already deteriorated their vision.

Important exercises

Relaxing, you need to look into the distance, and then to the tip of the nose. To do 10 times. The lesson should be held regularly. This helps to smooth the tone of the eye muscles.

In the minutes when the body needs rest and eyes are tired you can rub your palm on the palm of your hand and put your fingers on your eyes. We keep them so for a couple of minutes, allowing the heat to penetrate deep into the eyes.

Starting the training of eye muscles is important to tune in to the positive. Verbal formations “My eyes have become clearer”, “I see better” will help the body to cope with present visual problems more quickly.

It is very good to do self-massage of the neck from time to time, as with monotonous work, the blood flow to the brain deteriorates.

Move up and down alternate with circular rotations. Exercise to perform at least 10 times.

Classes to end blinking for a minute.

After the done exercises it is important to relax and close your eyes for a few minutes.

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