How to stop smoking a woman

How to stop smoking a woman

Many women quickly realize that smoking does not help them and harms their health, and most men prefer non-smoking women. Therefore, many women ask themselves “How can a woman quit smoking, do it easily and not get better?”

Quitting smoking is insanely difficult for many reasons. Nicotine, a natural drug contained in tobacco, is addictive, just like heroin. This does not mean that if you try to overcome the habit, you will suffer from nightmares, as in the “Basketball Diary”, but keep in mind that physical addiction is completely real.

In addition, on the way to quitting smoking, there are emotional and physiological obstacles. If the booze makes you want to go to a cigarette, or you want to smoke, when all your friends smoke, then by giving up smoking you can feel that you are giving up most of yourself. It is very difficult to voluntarily go to something that temporarily deprives your life of pleasure. So do not force yourself and be patient – it’s hard, but you can do it.

There are many different sources, including the Internet, that offer information on smoking and smoking cessation programs.

The most common advice is to stay away from situations and places where there is a high probability that you will smoke (ie bars, smoking rooms); Drink more water and do not be afraid to gain a little weight (this may happen, but this is a small price compared to the dangers facing the smoker) – you can reset it later.

Train, knit, paint – anything to get your hands on and get away from smoking. Find an outlet to ease the stress that you are accustomed to using smoking – my friend Katya usually sucks a small wooden stick the size of a cigarette, and thus makes the usual smoker’s movements without actually smoking.

When you feel an attack of passionate need, chant the mantra: “In five minutes I’ll get it.” And it really is so – you will laugh.

There is nicotine replacement therapy, which uses chewing gums and patches. It is also known that antidepressants can help. As usual, talk to your doctor.

If you still doubt that you need to stop smoking, we advise you to read this article.

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