How to start a healthy lifestyle right now

How to start a healthy lifestyle right now

“Starting Monday, I’m starting a new life!” – this phrase was spoken to by almost everyone at least once in my life. Usually this includes, among other things, the transition to a healthy lifestyle. But where should we start?

1. Throw away the cooked food and never contact her

This includes all the semi-finished products, purchased desserts, shop baked goods, sausages, dumplings and other things that you can cook at home yourself. Firstly, you will not be tempted to go to the kitchen and eat something harmful, because you will have only those things that you will have to cook. Exception – vegetables and fruits, natural dairy products, but from them no harm will be. Secondly, you will significantly save your money, because home food will be cheaper for you to buy.

2. Stop drinking soda

Forget about the purchased lemonades and juices. In them there is not much that is natural, even if the package says that the product is without artificial flavors. Almost all such drinks contain sugar, and with it additional calories and harmful effects on the body. Brew teas or make lemonades yourself. They are easy to prepare, and homemade lemonade of ginger and lemon will refresh no worse than a purchase of soda.

3. Drink water

Water is the building material of our body, it is part of all organs. Thanks to sufficient water consumption, cells will regenerate faster, so the body will remain healthy and the skin beautiful. And the second plus is that with frequent use of water, the stomach will be less willing to eat. So, you will reduce the daily calorie content of your diet and, accordingly, lose weight. The calculation is 30 grams of water per 1 kg of body. Do not drink 2-3 hours before bedtime, so that there is no edema, and also during the meal, so as not to stretch the stomach.

4. Spend time alone with yourself

Do not close out from everyone and live in your world, but give at least half an hour a day to analyze what happened to you. How you feel is a great way to be in harmony with yourself. You can have a diary in which to write down your experiences and thoughts about different things. This allows you to structure the flow of information in your head and make the right decisions for exciting issues.

5. Get ready for sports in advance

If tomorrow you are planning a workout, collect your bag from the evening and put it in the most prominent place. Often we dissuade ourselves from going to a gym or jogging, because we have to get together for a long time, and you are too lazy. The clothes that lie right in front of your eyes will motivate you to great achievements and there will be less chance that you will be too lazy to get out of the house.

6. Organize yourself a good sleep

Sleep as much as you spend hours sleeping or on vacation. Go to bed late and get up early. Make your bed attractive for sleep: lay a comfortable mattress, buy beautiful bedding, ventilate the room and light an aromatic lamp with essential oil of lavender. Do not eat 3-4 hours before bedtime, because an empty stomach also promotes a comfortable sleep, and also prepares you for a tight breakfast.

7. Move on

This does not necessarily mean sports in its usual sense. Do what you like and make you not sit still. It can be evening walks or jogging in the mornings, going to the pool or water park, skiing or helping to organize the event. Find an activity to your liking and do it as often as possible.

It is not necessary to start a new life on Monday. Who knows what will happen in a few days, and “here and now” is something you are completely sure of. Throw away all the harmful food from your kitchen and get your tracksuit. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. When, if not now?

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