How to start a healthy lifestyle after 50 years?

After 50 years of life, each person begins to feel the aging process and thinks about how to stop it. Aging is a natural process that can not be stopped. But, to accelerate this process or noticeably suspend, it depends on the person himself. The most contributing to the aging process is smoking, alcohol and obesity. How to get rid of such bad habits?

First you need to have a desire, lead a healthy lifestyle and set yourself up for a whole new stage in this life. And further, in order to feel again young and healthy, you need:

– Quit smoking completely;

– stop abusing alcohol;

– Healthy food;

– comply with the regime;

– engage in physical exercises.

Completely quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is perhaps the most difficult task, but it is doable. The most important thing is to constantly pursue this goal, quit smoking. With this thought you need to fall asleep and wake up. Many people think that after a person quits smoking, he feels uncomfortable and the meaning of all the activities accompanying smoking is lost. For example: but how will I sit on the bench near the entrance, without a cigarette in my teeth? Or: How will I sit on a fishing trip, and watch the “cool” without lighting a cigarette? Yes, it’s very simple. The person who stopped smoking, is indifferent to cigarettes. Moreover, over time, quitting smoking, cigarette smoke becomes disgusting. The next condition – if you quit smoking, you never need to do any more, not a single “puff”, otherwise the former habit wakes up in the body, and it begins to catch up. And most importantly, if you can not quit sharply, then you need to do it gradually. To begin to stop smoking before bed and in the morning. And set a goal: “until I get to work, I do not smoke.” And at a certain moment tune in, focus and quit smoking forever.

Stop abusing alcohol.

The key word here is abuse. If a person is normal (not an alcoholic). So you just need to stop “soak” special events, drink “one hundred and fifty” after work, compose a company neighbor (in relation to drinking) and use one hundred grams for appetite. And in order to drink (within the limits of the norm), there are significant holidays and birthdays.

Healthy food.

You do not need any diets. You need to eat everything you like. But the amount of food needs to be reduced, as much as a person can willpower. Here the main condition is not to eat up and not eat “out of habit”.

Observe the regime.

After 50 years, the regime should be like that of an 18-year-old man. Eight or nine hours of sleep, the rest of the time to stay awake.

Do physical exercises.

And now, about the most important thing. After 50 years, a person begins to feel some physical ailments. Pain in the knee, ascending stairs, “colic” under the stomach or in the liver, inconvenience in the lower back and so on. All this, one medicine – running.

It is running stops the aging process. Therefore, almost every morning, before you take a shower and have breakfast, you need to make a light jog. And literally a month later the result is felt. Disappear all the pain in the body and throughout the day, a person feels charged and alert, gradually lose extra pounds of weight, increases potency, both in men and women. Runs (at the age of 50 years), you need to do five days a week, two to three kilometers.

Only a healthy lifestyle will stop the aging process.

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