How to sleep with insomnia: tips and tricks

How to sleep with insomnia: tips and tricks

How to sleep with insomnia? This issue worries people in our time more often. Daily stress and the debilitating rhythm of modern life are reflected in the state of the nervous system. For some, insomnia is a one-time condition, which is explained by psychological reasons; for others, insomnia is a real problem that grows into a chronic disease.

Insomnia – a violation of sleep, which manifests itself in short-term disorders or in the constant insufficiency of the duration of sleep, a violation of its quality.

Symptoms of insomnia

Single violations of sleep by doctors are not taken into account, they are associated with psychological causes. For the diagnosis of insomnia, the following criteria are necessary:

Heavy falling asleep;

Impaired sleep quality;

Intermittent sleep;

Early awakening;

Sleep disorders occur at least three times a week;

Drowsiness during the day;

Severe condition caused by a constant lack of sleep.

What Helps Insomnia

1. Before going to bed, you need to cancel taking caffeine-containing drugs, which include not only coffee, but also:

Some varieties of tea;




Energetic drinks.

2. The last supper should be three hours before going to sleep;

3. It is necessary to observe a certain ritual: a quiet walk before going to sleep, quiet music;

4. The place for sleep should be comfortable, comfortable, ventilated room;

5. You can not watch television or a computer before going to bed, play games, read;

6. Do not include nightlights and curtains, in the dark, a sleep hormone is produced – melatonin;

7. It is necessary to observe the schedule, that is, wake up and go to bed at about the same time, even on weekends;

8. Do not go to bed during the day;

9. Learn some relaxing techniques;

10. To conduct courses of massage, manual therapy to relieve muscle tension;

11. Such folk remedies for insomnia as honey, melissa, sage, cymifuga, St. John’s wort are very helpful.

If insomnia becomes chronic, then the use of medications is necessary. It should be noted that the appointment of sleeping pills is a temporary measure, prolonged insomnia is an indication for a thorough examination. Insomnia can be a symptom of quite serious illnesses, for example, restless legs syndrome, impaired breathing function, heart attack and other diseases that require immediate treatment.

It is not necessary to take some sleeping pills for insomnia, complex treatment is necessary, because with chronic lack of sleep, “oxidative stress” develops, leading to memory loss, learning problems and disruption of internal organs.

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