How to sleep during pregnancy

How to sleep during pregnancy

Pregnant is not easy, including at night. Then you can not fall asleep, then the comfortable pose is difficult to pick up (you can not sleep on your stomach), then the baby is active in the stomach, then the thirst is tormenting. In this article we will consider the main components for normal sleep of a pregnant woman.

Sleep Pose

It is best to sleep on your side. It is strictly forbidden to sleep on the stomach, even on a small period – it can be detrimental to the development of the fetus. Also, it is not recommended to sleep on the back, as there is a lot of pressure on the internal organs and the baby.

If you are used to sleeping on your back, you should know that when the fetus is already quite large, in this position it can put pressure on the hollow vein. This will lead to a violation of blood circulation in the mother, and can subsequently lead to dangerous violations of the blood supply of the child. For this reason, doctors recommend sleeping on the left side, so as not to transmit the kidney or veins.

Bed and bed

If a pregnant woman is sleeping with someone, then a bed is needed that does not spring. If the second sleeper turns in a dream and the bed springs, it can interfere with the pregnant woman, and she will not get the rest she needs. And to her, and the fetus it will be a huge discomfort. Now the stores are full of special pillows for pregnancy, with the help of them you can choose the average poses and sleep, as it is convenient. They are soft and medium. The size of the pillow is also constantly changing. And under your head you can choose pillows swan’s down.

As for choosing a mattress, the mattress of medium hardness is best suited. If you choose too hard and hard, the pregnant woman will have a backache.

Pregnant should sleep in a ventilated room, even in winter, the window leaf should be constantly open. Get used to sleep in a cool and well-ventilated room. When the baby is born, the temperature in his room room should be 18-20 degrees, the air is moistened and fresh.

If you are uncomfortable sleeping for some reason under certain conditions or posture, do not ignore it. During pregnancy, your body is strongly influenced by natural instincts, so that unpleasant sensations that may arise do not appear from scratch. We should do everything possible to ensure a full and most comfortable stay.

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