How to seduce a man in a few minutes

How to seduce a man in a few minutes

You probably thought that it would be impossible to seduce a man in a few minutes. But this is not so. In this article, we suggest that you master the simple technique of neurolinguistic programming, which will help you to believe in yourself and get any man.

What is neurolinguistic programming?

It is a skill necessary or imposed on a person who is acquired after emotional experience. Remember, there was something with you, after which you were afraid to get into a similar situation? For example, as a child, you were bitten by a dog and now you bypass them by side. Or you were robbed once and now you come home only on a crowded and well-lit route. This works both in negative situations (including the instinct of self-preservation), and with positive (we seek to receive positive emotions).

You only need one session to become a femme fatale, to the feet of which all men fall, and each of these men will have one session in order to be fascinated by you enough to fall at your feet together with all your movable and immovable property.

So, what will you need to learn NLP?

Only your own consciousness.

In order to become a fatal temptress, try to recall in your memory the images associated with you with this phrase. Draw parallels from these images to yourself. That is, find common, common ground, the same. Now that you know that you are no different from the most stunning women in the universe, it’s time to go hunting.

You will say that all this is fine if the man has already approached and met. And what if he is at an unreachable distance? The answer is: to come and get acquainted with it yourself. Do you have a voice trembling, your legs are shaking and your left eye is twitching nervously at the thought of the first step? All this because you have programmed in yourself the certainty that you will be laughed at, ignored or rudely refused. In this case, restart will help. Imagine how, with one approach, a guy starts jumping from puppy delight. He wanted to meet you so much, but he was afraid to approach such an unapproachable beauty. The more clearly you imagine his joy from the fact that you get acquainted with him, the more likely your success. Well, having met a man, you already know how to program him for eternal attachment to you.

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