How to remove the toothache yourself?

How to remove the toothache yourself?

One of the most unpleasant sensations that is regularly reported to most people is associated with toothache. The reasons for its occurrence can be different, from erasing the enamel to inflammation of the nerve, but the result is always the same – the teeth begin to be unbearably sick at the most inopportune moment, and it is not always possible to promptly seek help from the treating doctor. In this situation, you need to use improvised tools that help get rid of the problem and at least temporarily remove the pain without using strong drugs and dentist intervention.

First you need to rinse your mouth with warm slightly salted water to remove the leftovers of food. In some cases, this procedure is quite enough to get rid of the pain. For example, salted water perfectly helps in situations where sweet or cold food gets to the naked dental nerve.

If the toothache does not go away after rinsing with water, then you can use any alcohol-free unsweetened drink. Ideally, it should be vodka or diluted half-boiled water medical alcohol, which also need to rinse the mouth. This procedure will help relieve pain in the case of an inflammatory process, when it is necessary not only to disinfect, but also to prune the dental nerve.

At the first opportunity, the patient has to show the tooth to the doctor. Postponing a visit to a doctor will not lead to anything good, the tooth itself will not recover, and only its condition will worsen and it is likely that it will be impossible to save it. And then it will be left to remove it and put an implant in its place, more here.

You can use the folk remedies that our ancestors used to treat for centuries. Excellent removes the toothache of an ordinary plantain, the root of which must be washed with water and inserted into the ear from the side where the tooth hurts. As a rule, in half an hour the pain will begin to subside and soon completely disappear.

In addition, you can use the juice of plants such as dandelion and turnip, which smears a sick tooth, or eat fresh cucumber or chew birch buds. An excellent analgesic is a mixture of salt and garlic in equal proportions. It is necessary to grease the tooth abundantly and put a cotton swab on top of it so that the gruel does not wash out with saliva. After about 10-15 minutes, there is relief. If there is no garlic, then you can replace it with onions or chilli peppers, but you must act very cautiously, as you can burn a mucous membrane of the oral cavity.

With toothache, gargles on the basis of herbs are excellent. For their preparation, sage, a mixture of raspberry and mint leaves in equal proportions or the root of the sprinkler are perfect. To prepare the broth, you need 2 tablespoons of fresh or dry herbs to pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist for 2-3 hours and strain, then rinse every 15-20 minutes with a decoction of the mouth. As a rule, after 2-3 such procedures the toothache stops. In addition, you can get rid of the problem with alcoholic tinctures of the root of valerian, St. John’s wort or calendula, which should be moistened with cotton wool and wipe gum with it, and apply to a sick tooth and leave for 10-15 minutes.


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