How to remove fat from the stomach and sides in a week

How to remove fat from the stomach and sides in a week

Do you dream of a flat stomach and slender legs? Believe me, this is quite feasible! First, determine how many extra pounds you need to remove, and how much hips and waist will be acceptable for you. To lose weight passed without harm to health, for such a short period, optimally lose about 2-4 kg. This means that your volumes will decrease by 2-3 cm. It is also important to understand that the belly will look beautiful and fit only if you bring its muscles into tonus.


The first thing you have to decide is to change your diet. Now your menu should not contain high-calorie and fatty foods, as well as foods with lots of simple carbohydrates. Limit the consumption of sugar, sweets and flour products. In your diet should be a lot of vegetables and fruits, fish, meat, low-fat dairy products. It is also permitted to drink natural coffee, but within reason, as well as tea and herbal infusions. Useful are those infusions that give a diuretic effect.


If your goal is to lose weight in a week, you should definitely perform physical exercises. Abdominal press includes several muscle groups: straight, internal, external oblique and transverse. If you want to have a beautiful belly, you need to pay attention to each muscle group. The number of repetitions depends on the state of your body. It is worth noting that experts consider the optimal number of repetitions – 15-25 times, not more. Do not think that by making 50 repetitions, you will achieve the best result – this opinion is mistaken. In addition, if you overdo it with classes, you will not be able to deal with it in the near future because of discomfort in the body, and this will only distract you from the ideal figure.

When exercising, monitor breathing. Breathing in the air, relax the muscles, and exhale, pull them up. Make a small interval between exercises – there will be enough break in a couple of minutes.

To remove fat from the abdomen and sides will also help special athletic devices. These include hula-hoop (gymnastic hoop). In the presence of free space, please pay attention to this projectile. Well strengthens the abdominal muscles and all known circle of Health (disk for rotation). The combination of exercises on simulators and physical exercises will bring you closer to achieving the goal.


To improve the appearance of the abdomen, use massage. You can carry out this procedure and at home using various means to fight cellulite. These can be cans, hard wipes, scrubs and creams for weight loss.

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