How to relieve symptoms of PMS

How to relieve symptoms of PMS

The female organism is a fragile and very complex mechanism. Often we, women, do not know how to deal with delicate and unpleasant problems correctly. Every second of us periodically encounters difficulties that bring with it an irregular menstrual cycle, premenstrual syndrome or algodismenorea (painful menstruation).

Many women describe the manifestations of PMS as an internal struggle between bad and good traits, sudden mood swings and violent irritability. It seems that instead of a pleasant loving mother or wife, an unfamiliar, extravagant and unpredictable “other” woman appeared. After a few days or a week, the “other” disappears without a trace, but only in order to reappear a month later.

Premenstrual syndrome is accompanied not only by emotional outbursts. During this phase of the cycle, a woman can be troubled by a wide variety of symptoms – rashes on the skin, decreased concentration and weight gain.

Doctors distinguish several forms of manifestation of premenstrual syndrome. Emotional tension, leading to despair or exhaustion of forces, refers to the neuropsychic form of PMS. In the vegetative-vascular form, pains in the heart and abdomen, increased pressure and attacks of panic fear. A woman may notice swelling of her hands, feet and face and weight gain. Particularly difficult is PMS in women suffering from a cephalic form of the syndrome – migraines.

Sometimes PMS appears atypically or symptoms, at first glance, not having any relation to the menstrual cycle. This form of the syndrome can be determined by observing the periodicity of the condition.

Why there is a premenstrual syndrome? Why do some women tolerate it easily and others need help?

Previously, researchers attributed PMS to mental illness. Over time, it was proved that this state is organic and occurs as a result of changes in the hormonal background in the female body. Often, PMS is inherited or occurs as a result of complex psychological and organic changes.

Strongly expressed premenstrual syndrome serves as a signal for doctors about severe violations of the cycle in a woman. With an irregular menstrual cycle accompanied by PMS: headache, heavy bleeding, a sharp deterioration in well-being, you should think about supporting your health.

What can a woman do to fight PMS?

It is necessary to reduce the factors that cause stress. Doctors talk about the benefits of regular exercise and a balanced diet. It is especially important in these difficult days to feel the support, kindness and attention from the husband and close family members. These are just some of the techniques that can only indirectly reduce the manifestation of the syndrome. They help to fight only with manifestations of PMS, but do not affect the cause.

Doctors can prescribe strong tranquilizers, antidepressants, sedatives or hormones. Strong drugs, as a rule, always have side effects. And not every woman wants to take hormonal drugs – they just mask the problem. Constant reception of complex preparations is not always the right way out.

There are women who are neat about drug therapy and are trying to help their body fight on their own. In the fight against PMS, certain vitamins, phytoextracts and trace elements help well. Another thing is that it is very difficult to choose for oneself the “right set” and the dose of vitamins. Yes, and do not always know what vitamins you can drink together, and which separately. Special herbal preparations and vitamin complexes help to reduce symptoms of PMS and improve well-being. Natural extracts are the right choice for those who care about their health.

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