How to reduce costs? 6 effective tips

How to reduce costs? 6 effective tips

Very often we spend money on things that we do not really need, or we could replace them with cheaper ones. Sometimes this is not seen at all, and only the history of operations in the bank account helps us to realize how much money has gone to nowhere. It’s difficult, but you can learn to own finances without resorting to stinginess, and without worsening living conditions. Let’s look at how this can be done.

Make a shopping list

Learn to plan absolutely all of your expenses. Write down expenses that are associated not only with purchases, but all possible expenses. Think about all you really need. When planning the purchase of the ingredients of the dish, take into account whether you need to buy everything, or there are products left in the refrigerator that would be good to use. Find recipes in which you can use these components to avoid throwing them into garbage.

Limit accounts

You have no idea how much you spend in the national currency over the course of your life because of improper use of energy sources. If you do not use any devices for a long time, you should turn them off. Boil water in such quantity, which is really necessary. Replace the incandescent lamps with energy-saving ones, and set the brightness controls, because it is not always necessary to illuminate the entire apartment so brightly.

Do less visits to the store

Remember that every trip to the store, this falling into the trap of marketing decisions, and the temptation to buy a few unnecessary things is big enough. Make big purchases once a week, in inexpensive supermarkets, where you can get a discount card. Yes, and the need for daily visits to the store will threaten you with not only increasing expenses, but also an additional waste of time. Round-the-clock shops in sleeping areas, as a rule, are distinguished by higher prices for the same products and goods, which can be purchased in a supermarket for a smaller amount.

Save on rental housing

Previously, large houses were built, with several floors, in which many people and even generations lived. Today, these practices are no longer relevant, because young married couples prefer to live in their homes, without the accompaniment of parents or grandparents. Therefore, the majority of young married couples who have not yet acquired their own homes, rent apartments. In the modern real estate market the situation is not too positive – there are no factors that would regulate rental prices. Therefore, often the cost of renting a house is the amount that you “sucked out of your finger,” and you can always find something better for that price.

Do not keep all money in cash

It is not necessary to cash all your finances – this is a great temptation to spend more. After planning your expenses, leave a certain amount, and put the remaining funds on the savings account. First, even if some of the money is on a debit card, you can not spend it anywhere.

Use libraries

Every fan of paper books understands how much money goes into buying, smelling like a typography book. The temptation to buy a brand new volume is very large and it is sometimes difficult to resist. Unfortunately, really good books are very expensive, and their purchase is a tangible blow to the family budget. If you know that the book you are going to buy, after reading it will settle on a shelf, maybe it will be better to take it from the library?

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