How to raise your self-esteem? 6 tips for women

How to raise your self-esteem? 6 tips for women

The displeased look of her husband, the whims of children, the bad mood of the boss – sometimes any of these little things makes a woman blame herself for all conceivable and unimaginable sins. However, do not complicate the situation, because the mood and self-esteem of any person depends only on himself and not related to the actions of others.

Six tips for women:

1. Love yourself and smile more often.

2. Take care of yourself – do not be tortured and neglected.

3. Do not regret or criticize yourself, rather do something useful instead.

4. Learn something new, it will raise your spirits and help you find like-minded people.

5. Do not be afraid to make mistakes – people who dignity perceive their mistakes deserve respect.

6. Communicate more with friends – a cheerful company will give you many positive emotions.

First of all, go to the mirror and take a good look at yourself. You do not like your nose? Hang together a photograph of the most successful Barbra Streisand, smile and love yourself for who you are.

And now it’s time to take care of yourself. Surely you have accumulated a lot of plans, which moved away from day to day.

Take time and do what you have been going for a long time:

– Refresh the wardrobe and throw up all the junk that is “pathetic”, “just like a new one”, “just one spot,” etc .;

– find a good master and choose a new hairstyle or just brush a new hair with several new locks;

– right now call the fitness center and arrange for training at a convenient time for you;

– If there is a need, make an appointment with a doctor – for sure the visit to the dentist is postponed for several days.

Now you will feel much more confident, therefore pity and self-criticism will gradually give way to a positive mood and benevolence.

But do not stop! Every minute of your life is precious, and do not waste time. Learn every day something new and do not be afraid of mistakes – prepare new dishes, try to sew trousers to your husband, buy paints and decorate the dull wall in the hallway. Believe me, your loved ones will not only appreciate delicious pizza or pies, but also change their attitude to you. Pay attention, now, instead of irritation and annoyance, they always have a smile and a desire to help you.

Shoot your achievements and just happy moments on the photo and video camera – the technology is now really on the brink of fantasy and allows even an amateur to create masterpieces. The most successful and favorite frames can be printed and hung on the wall. And funny comments on them will not let you feel sad even in the most inclement weather.

Do not limit your changes outside the home or apartment – more communicate with friends, with old and new acquaintances. Your benevolence and cheerful mood will create a wonderful atmosphere where everyone will be well and cozy. And always remember – you are beautiful!

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