How to push a man to change

How to push a man to change

One of the fundamental differences between women and men is the attitude toward changes in life. In women there is an irrepressible desire to change something in their lives, and at the same time in the lives of close people. And at a time when a woman decides to learn something new, grow and develop in a certain direction, she must understand that her man does not necessarily immediately correspond to her new values.

In this case, you need to remember some rules that will help push the man to development in the right direction, instead of sawing and scolding him for days on end. Do not forget about the subtleties of male and female nature.

1. The first and most important rule is not to act. Allow the man to make his own decisions. Concentrate on your own changes. And take a man for who he is, because for him it is very important.

2. The second rule is not to teach. You do not need to try to re-educate a man with the help of teachings, because every time we teach someone, we subconsciously praise ourselves over this person, and putting ourselves above your man is a big mistake leading to a breakdown in family relationships.

3. The third rule is not to get into male problems. For a man to admit his own difficulties is very difficult, especially for his woman, whom he must protect and protect. Do not try to help a man in his problems, give advice or offer a solution. It is better to give him the freedom to solve them on his own.

4. Having taken a great interest in self-development or can be some new direction of psychology, many women start actively attending various trainings and seminars. It is very important to remember that for a man any training is stress. After all, there you will have to confess your problems to others, maybe even absolutely unfamiliar people. Women are attracted to trainings for a thirst to learn something new, interesting, they do not feel themselves any defective at the same time. Men are difficult to decide on such an event, for this it is necessary to recognize that in something you do not hold out that there is a problem that you can not solve by yourself.

5. Do not forget about your man’s needs. Motivating him to change, to get new knowledge, take into account his interests and direction of activity. Perhaps its development will not follow the same path as yours, but the main thing is that it will develop and grow with you. The main thing is that the movement is going on, the process is on.

6. Unobtrusively and without pressure share new experiences. Having learned something new and useful, in your opinion, for your man, do not rush to tell him about it and explain what exactly he must urgently change in his life. It will be much more effective to tell this, using someone else’s example, and maybe even your own. In this case, this will not look like a lesson, but rather as a desire to share interesting discoveries.

7. Do not extol other men. Having received some interesting experience from a well-known psychologist, do not rush to admire him before your man, it will soon cause him anger and jealousy than a desire to find out what is so good about this psychologist.

And do not forget that a woman by nature is affectionate and caring, and men expect this from us. Developing and spiritually enriching, you must always remain for your man a woman, then it will be much easier for him to succumb to your female influence.

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