How to protect women after 35 years

How to protect women after 35 years

There are many methods of contraception, some of which are more, others – less reliable. Most often, women turn to a gynecologist with a request to put an intrauterine device or pick up hormonal drugs in tablets.

At the same time for each woman there are their recommendations and prohibitions, including those who are already 35 years old.

Women of Balzac’s age have to treat their health with special attention, and avoid unwanted pregnancies. At the same time, they are unacceptable for those funds that are used by young gynecologist patients.

To drink or not hormonal tablets after 35 years

At this age from the accepted oral contraceptives it is possible to expect unpleasant surprises. Often women of mature age complain that these medications cause severe headaches, abdominal pain, weight changes and libido.

But this is not the worst thing you can expect from these drugs. In mature women, especially smokers, this combination of hormones can cause thrombosis of the veins on the legs, a heart attack or stroke.

Therefore, this way to protect from unwanted pregnancy is better to forget.

Advantages and disadvantages of the intrauterine device

Advising how to protect women after 35 years, gynecologists often choose their spirals. This method is very reliable, has no strong side effects and the female body quickly gets used to it.

However, for a certain percentage of women, the spiral causes a lot of inconvenience and problems, as a whole is poorly tolerated. In this case, you can advise only one thing – to buy condoms and always use them for intimacy.

There is also a kind of female contraceptives, like the diaphragm, which is easily installed and removed and is not felt at all by contact with a man.

Is it worth using the calendar method

The method by which a woman watches her basal temperature, secretion of thick mucus on ovulation day and calculates safe days, can also be used by a 35-year-old woman.

However, you need to know that any stress, fatigue, illness or even taking alcohol can move “safe days”: according to statistics, 8 out of 10 pregnancies in women of this age are undesirable.

Pros of the barrier method

As you know, a condom gives almost one hundred percent guarantee that pregnancy will not occur. Unlike all the above methods of contraception, it does not disturb the woman’s well-being and protects against diseases and infections transmitted during sexual intercourse.

Therefore, after 35 women should be given priority to this option, as the most reliable and safe.

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