How to properly temper

How to properly temper

Tempering the body is a powerful remedy, an important and necessary element of a healthy lifestyle. It was found that systematic hardening reduces the likelihood of catarrhal diseases by 4 times, and even prevents their occurrence. Zakalivanie has a restorative effect on the body, increases the tone of the central nervous system, improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolism, increases the adaptability of the body to adverse environmental effects, improves mental and physical performance.

With repeated influences on the body of some external stimuli, an adaptive function is activated in it. For example, regular dousing with cold water increases the production of heat and raises the temperature of the skin, increases the body’s resistance to low temperatures.

You can begin to be hardened at almost any age. The longer you are tempered, the more your body is resistant to the effects of the environment. Hardening includes hygienic procedures that awaken the sleeping forces of the body, directing them to restore it. Thus, a seasoned person is more enduring and more capable, and, importantly, his nervous and respiratory systems are more stable.

Methods of hardening:

1. Wiping the body. The softest kind of hardening. Suitable even for people prone to colds. This method is quite simple: the towel is moistened with cool water. As you become accustomed, the temperature of the water should be lowered, gradually bringing it to cold.

Body first wipe with a damp towel, then wipe dry, rub until a sensation of warmth. You can wipe the entire body at once, or separately its parts, for example, only the torso or legs.

2. Pouring. More serious procedure. Pouring causes a short-term spasm of the vessels and the subsequent sharp relaxation of them, thereby training the cardiovascular and nervous systems, increasing the tone.

As well as rubbing, it’s better to start dousing with cool water, gradually moving to the cold one. Pour it on yourself, try to be even, not instantly, but within 3-5 seconds.

3. Contrast shower. The most effective measure of hardening. The shower has both thermal and physical effects on the body, massaging the skin. This improves blood circulation, skin breathing.

Before the contrast shower you need to warm up well, so take it better or after training, for example, jogging, or standing before it under warm water. It is enough to alternate hot and cold water 2-3 times. The duration of one cycle is 30-40 seconds under hot and 30-40 seconds under cold. It is necessary to finish on cold water, after that rub dry with a towel.

How to properly temper

1. You need to start gradually, otherwise the risk is not to improve your health, but vice versa.

2. Tempering should be done regularly, preferably daily. Soon this will become a habit, and the positive effect will not take long.

3. Compliance with sleep and nutrition. If your body does not have enough rest, and also does not receive the necessary amount of nutrients, procedures with cold water can compromise your health.

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