How to prepare yourself for the onset of labor

How to prepare yourself for the onset of labor

Sooner or later the family decides to replenish. And the woman begins an exciting period in her life, which lasts nine months. The nearer the time comes to childbirth, the more the excitement is experienced by the future mother. The most frightening thing in this situation is ignorance of what lies ahead. When will the fights begin? Just go to the hospital? What if the water goes away?

Start over. It is necessary to prepare the bag in advance in the hospital. You need to collect everything you need for yourself and for the baby. It should be noted that many maternity homes allow you to carry things only in packages. Clarify the list of permitted things in your hospital. In some maternity hospitals they are not allowed to take things for a child at once, in such a situation, take care that after the birth the bag is brought by someone from relatives.

When a woman begins the ninth month, or at 36 weeks of pregnancy, a woman should already decide on the maternity home. You can give birth in the direction of the women’s consultation, where a pregnant woman watches or choose a maternity home on their own and negotiate with the doctor of this hospital, but this should be done in advance. It should be noted that birth in primiparous women comes closer to the fortieth week of pregnancy.

During pregnancy, you can use useful applications for pregnant women, more about which is written on

Do not panic at the onset of labor, you should breathe properly and stay calm. If it happens that you have already forty weeks, and the birth does not begin and all signs are absent, you should go to hospitalization yourself. It is not necessary after this period to wait for childbirth at home, as the child may develop hypoxia (oxygen starvation). They will perform an examination and, in case of not being ready for childbirth, will begin stimulation. A dropper or pills will help prepare the immature neck for childbirth. In the case of a complete absence of labor at the time of forty-two weeks will make a planned cesarean section.

It is possible to look in advance on courses for pregnant women and on courses of preparation for sorts. On them you will learn a lot of useful information, prepare for what awaits you, learn how to breathe correctly and can correctly orient yourself at the onset of childbirth. It is not necessary to remain completely alone on the last terms of pregnancy. Take care that with you there was a person who will help you to reach the hospital and bring the bags. In case you still are alone at the time of the onset of labor, you should call an ambulance.

The main point – with the onset of childbirth should remain calm and keep yourself in hand. Remember, that through it passed a huge number of women and everything will turn out!

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