How to plan pregnancy

How to plan pregnancy

Every woman dreams of becoming pregnant at one or another age, because what can be more important than the birth of your little particle. And, of course, everything a woman wants, being in a position, is that her baby is born healthy and strong. However, not every mother manages to give birth to a healthy baby, because the surrounding negative factors and the state of a woman play a key role in the gestation process.

Where to start planning

The key role in planning pregnancy is the health of the future mother. It is from her way of life, the state of the body that the fetal development process depends. Doctors and specialists advise future mothers to begin planning a child three to four months before pregnancy. During this time a woman needs to give up all bad habits, concentrate more on a quiet lifestyle, do sports, follow a proper and balanced diet. And most importantly, start treating the disease, if there is one. This should be done in advance, because during pregnancy, women are not recommended to take any medications, since they can affect the development of the child.

The key to the successful course of pregnancy is a systematic visit to the doctor and following his recommendations: to undergo the examination in time, to take the necessary tests. In addition, in addition to a woman to consult a doctor, you need to go and the future father, because of his health also depends on the health of the baby. As a rule, a man should give up harmful habits, smoking, at least six months before a woman’s pregnancy.

Proper nutrition before and during pregnancy

If a woman lacks calcium in the body, then it is necessary to start taking food containing this element, since for the child to carry out, an excessive amount of calcium is needed to build up his bones. Otherwise, a lack of calcium can lead to hair loss and to deterioration of the skin. Also doctors advise to use folic acid – folacin. It is vitamin B9, which is necessary for the formation of DNA and RNA, cell division, normal hematopoiesis, assimilation of sugar and amino acids, and it also protects against possible poisoning. The woman, of course, has the right to use it or not. In another case, you need to include in the diet foods containing this vitamin. Otherwise, a lack of folacin can lead to problems with bearing.

Of course, you will have to give up harmful products during pregnancy. Do not use mayonnaise, if you want to eat a salad, then it is better to fill it with vegetable or olive oil. Refrain from sharp and salty, also black tea and coffee can be replaced with compotes, fresh juices and infusions. To cook a dish is better only from fresh vegetables, and stagnant food is not necessary, at your own risk and risk, there is, as it raises the level of harmful substances. Food should be balanced, and it is better to eat at the same time, thoroughly chewing food.

It is better to follow these rules if you want to give birth to a healthy baby. The most important thing is to find harmony in yourself, do not undergo stress and depression, read interesting books for yourself, walk more often outdoors and watch positive light films.

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