How to overcome the creative crisis?

How to overcome the creative crisis?

Everyone faced a similar problem: there is a lot of work to be done, but thoughts scatter in different directions. It is impossible to concentrate, and you do not want to. Laziness, apathy, depression. Nothing new and interesting in my head does not come. This is the creative stupor.

The reasons for his appearance are many: personal problems in the family, lack of sleep, stress, overwork … Over time, as practice, everything falls into place, and you once again shine with brilliant ideas. But how to accelerate this process and again feel self-confidence?

First of all, you will understand the origins of the problem itself. Perhaps it’s just overwork, then you just need a good rest. If the experienced trouble or stress, then remind yourself that everything is over and nothing fatal has happened in the end. In your wonderful future, you will not make such mistakes.

But, you do not even know the reasons for the crisis, then do something: listen to your favorite artist, read a book or turn on a film you’ve wanted to see for a long time. Go to your parents and friends – in a word, charge positive energy. The main thing is not to lock yourself at home alone and oppressive apathy. Changing the situation will help you to look again at the world around you and give new strength and energy.

But what if the project or work needs to be done here and now, there is no time for long reflection, and you can not think of anything?

Above all, do not panic. Worry and excitement are the main enemies. Take a deep breath a few times and relax. Repeat yourself that you will succeed.

Tune in the right way, write down on the piece of paper everything that comes to your mind on this kind of work. Five, ten ideas and you will feel enlightenment. The brain will start working in the right direction and will definitely give you the desired result. As they say, the main thing is to start, and then the right idea will go by itself.

Disconnect all distractions, so as not to knock you off the right idea: phone, skype or TV. After working for a while, take a break.

Work physically, for example, wash dishes or aerobics, take a shower. Change of activities will help you to open new faces of the problem and new interesting ideas.

Add a stream of surprise to your process. For example, open the book on the first page that came across … and here’s a brilliant idea flashed in your head!

Gradually, step by step, you will overcome all obstacles. Just start, and all of you must succeed!

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