How to motivate yourself to lose weight?

How to motivate yourself to lose weight?

Why does not the overwhelming majority manage to lose weight? What is to blame: lack of motivation or weak will? And maybe it’s in the other? The vast majority of sources say that all problems lie in lack of motivation, especially when it comes to losing weight. But how, if the whole refrigerator is covered with motivational inscriptions and slender bodies, the phone is torn from the pictures of thin ladies, a list of one hundred things that can and should be done to a slender girl is written, and a subscription to the hall for two years ahead is bought?

As reports, the sources of all the problems associated with losing weight are most often hidden in our head. And first and foremost you need to put it in order and think about the motives that pushed to lose weight.

What is motivation and what does it eat?

Motivation, first of all, a short-term motivation for action. This means that she can force to come to the gym, but not the fact that it happens again. Therefore, it is important to find not just a motivation for action, but more persistent reasons and specific desires.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the real reason for losing weight. If a person grows thin only to attract the views of others – his weight loss is doomed to failure. If the girl grows thin to look good against the backdrop of slim girlfriends – weight loss is doomed to failure. If a woman is losing weight for the sake of a loved one – also a failure, the first quarrel will force the tile of chocolate and throw the gym. But if the soul settles in love for itself, if in the head there are goals and a desire to change their lives, then losing weight will happen by itself. It will not strain and cause stress.

Any plan is good if you do it. But how to fulfill the plan, if the forces of will and motivation are not enough? The best way out of this situation will be a game. Yes, yes, weight loss must be turned into a game, into an exciting journey on the way to a great discovery – a healthy and harmonious body. A game that will lead to a new way of life, happiness and health? What is not the best motivation? But it’s more a desire to change yourself and your life. Do not please someone, but change yourself.

Visiting experts in beauty and sports, the environment that leads the desired way of life, can not better charge the mood for weight loss. Therefore, it must be used. You can, for example, enroll in a weight loss program for a person who inspires with his example and attitude to life.

But the most important thing is to change your life every day, play by your own rules and love yourself. New life begins with a new way of thinking, so you need to develop it, and do not hang up another motivating poster on your computer.

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