How to meet the right man

How to meet the right man

To begin with, there are a lot of books on the art of seduction and dating techniques, but there are not universal methods for all cases of life and can not be, we are not robots. The main thing remember, you can get acquainted everywhere, just do not miss your chance, if the object interesting you was close. Success depends on the strength of your desire, the subject of the dream, on your goals and intentions, and, of course, on yourself.

From my experience, I would have divided datings into random and planned.

However, casual acquaintances, as a rule, are unforeseen and it is difficult to give a prescription here. But if everything happens at the right time, and it catches you, then improvise.

Scheduled dating can bring both expected and unpredictable results. In any case, it’s interesting, and it will help in acquiring experience. Of course, if you are confident in yourself, you know your capabilities, you will achieve your goal faster. However, for the category of timid and shy, using skillful support of others, wise advice, practical applications of some knowledge – a good result is guaranteed. Learn to remain calm, cope with the situation and get a habit of not getting lost – you can learn. True, all this is achieved by the method of own trial and error. Therefore, all of the following is not an instruction to use, but only information for reflection. (This was in the article “the ability to get acquainted with …”)

Before getting acquainted with a man, try to find out for yourself, but who do I really need?

Probably, you are tired of being alone, you have accumulated so much heat and so you want love, then, most likely, you are looking for a normal guy, to whom you will not show excessive demands, if only you understand each other.

Maybe you are ready to create a family home, you know how to comfortably equip your life, give peace of mind and joy to your man, then you are sure that you are looking for a reliable partner in life. Or you just need an attentive husband and a caring father to your child. I think you just need a man who is already standing, maybe somewhere very close, maybe even your neighbor, a friend, you just could not see him.

Accordingly, with this type of men you can meet at work, in the company of friends, at a party with relatives, through an agency, at some exhibition, conference, etc.

Maybe you’re a successful lady, or you like boys from the front cover of magazines, but you’re still lonely. There is an occasion to pay attention to their admirers, they can make a good company as an accompanying person, and then how to know! How to know! Places of search can be varied, such as fashion shows, photo sessions, strip clubs, author’s parties, etc.

Or maybe you need a kind of great patron, or a caring “papik” who will indulge your weaknesses, and arrange a career for you as an “ascending star.” Or maybe you are a “hunter” for millions or you want to hide in the shadows of someone’s glory, then, probably, you need oligarchs, stars or politicians. Here the circle of travel narrows, but rather it is poker clubs, expensive restaurants, fashion shows, film festivals, social receptions, receptions, business centers.

You like adventures, you have a lot of funny friends and you just want new and fresh emotions, and you do not make far-reaching plans, then, probably, you’ll look for such a “male”, “super macho”, mysterious “Mr. X”. Night clubs, all sorts of parties, and just on the street, than not a place for meetings.

Or, on the contrary, you are shy, romantic nature, it is difficult for you even to look at a man, not to mention acquaintance, then you need an adult husband, and this may well be a colleague at work, familiar to your relatives or friends. You can consider: a family dinner or a party with friends, relatives, corporate at work. Or you are a superordinary person, you do not have much free time, I think that you also need a man appropriate, sharing your views and interests. You can look in the library, attend thematic meetings, go to field seminars, trainings, interest clubs.

Maybe you just wanted a relaxed relationship, you do not like parties and in general you are not very talkative in real life – then virtual guys for every taste can be in this category. I think the Internet can help you find someone who likes. Now such acquaintances are very actual, especially if you do not like to get out into people, do not have enough time or want intrigue.

You just need to stay in this city, he does not let you go, then consider the “local aborigine” nominee from a decent family, which may well be your classmate. Examination of such places as: institute, work, corporate parties, on a visit, in state institutions.

And suddenly you are passionate and passionate nature, you love extreme and crave for thrill, then, perhaps: athletes, bikers, adventurous travelers and even foreigners, what you need. These guys can be found, starting from fitness clubs, in hiking, expeditions, abroad, all kinds of runs, races, etc.

In any case, all this is only an assumption, but the choice is yours! You yourself can decide what kind of man you need. A meeting can take place like that: on the ground, on the water and even in the air!

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