How to manage your mood

Many moments of our life, many of our actions and the characteristics of relationships with others, sometimes directly depend on our mood and vice versa. Remember the cases of life, for example: you come to work, in a beautiful mood, enjoying the morning sun and singing birds, and then, suddenly, you meet a colleague who has risen today “on the wrong foot” or, even worse, your boss Today there is a great desire to re-educate you. And where does your state of harmony with the world go?

This is fine if, after listening to all the claims with a smile on your face, you turn around and go on humming your favorite motive, and if this will cause your oppressed state for the whole day and, coming home, will you transfer some of the negative to your loved ones?

Yes, it’s true, it’s mood, it has a very big impact on our life! So why does it depend? And how to learn how to change your bad mood? How to protect yourself from the bad mood of others?

After all, we are living in society, one way or another, influence each other … First, let’s say that the mood is not the same as emotions. Moods last more often and manifest less intensely than emotions, moreover, our mood often, does not have under itself, any specific reason.

We, sometimes can not clearly answer the question of why we are in a good mood or why it is morally difficult for us. It is not necessary to think that the mood is created by us, only our daily activity, successes or failures. The state of our mood is influenced by our physical condition, the duration of sleep, and our menu at lunch or breakfast.

Whether you understand it or not, subconsciously you constantly do actions aimed at changing your mood, you can eat, something tasty, call a friend to unwind, play sports or include your favorite movie. There are many ways, but let’s see how much you can do it. Choose three ways that you most often use to cheer yourself up.

And now analyze: Studies show that the most effective way is physical exercise, and if this is one of your methods, then everything is in order. Even a 10-minute walk, improves the state of mind more than a kilogram of chocolate. Do not believe me, check it out! Good ways are also music, humor, occupation by favorite business, avoidance of negative thoughts.

If you often use such ways of mood enhancement as: smoking, alcohol, avoidance of people, plentiful food, then, know that you are doing wrong and such methods can become a big problem in the future.

To share your problem with a friend or family can be useful only if your relatives are capable of constructive dialogue and advice, if such conversations cause another storm of emotions in you, then this is not what you need. And do not worry if you do not get to improve your mood with “healthy” methods. In the following articles, we will discuss in more detail the most effective of them.

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